Alanya Rafting

Alanya Rafting, you are looking for action, thrills, adventure and also a lot of fun, you can learn at the adventure white water alanya rafting.  After a comprehensive introduction to the Paddeltechnick and with appropriate equipment such as helmets and life jackets, take the paddle into your own hands under the guidance of an experienced skipper.

After your arrival from the hotel, be prepared to enjoy rafting in the 14 km long river which is magnificent natural beauty!

At the start, guests are given information about Rafting, Raft, safety and program. We have just tried to get this tour out of rafting and make it as fun and interesting as possible. For this, some breaks are given, short nature hikes, canyon tours, historical bridges, jumping activities are organized.

You can also register your trip on CD during rafting, swim in the ice-cold waters and enjoy both excitement and fun …

alanya rafting

1) You will be taken from your Hotel or adress and back after the Rafting Tour.
2) The vehicles reach our facility in KÖYRÜLÜ KANYON at 11:00 – 11:15 am.
3) In our facility, the guests are informed about the details of rafting sports, the subjects they should pay attention to and the use of materials.
4) Transfer to the starting point of the guests prepared for rafting.
5) Guests will take a break at BIGRUM BRIDGE before the rafting begins. In history and nature, athletes swim in their clear water, horses from the sea, artistic photo poses.

6) After the short canyon tour, guests take a short bird walk to the starting point and reach the boats in the river.
7) Guests who start rafting at 11:45 o’clock boats do not just do rafting during the tour, activities such as jumping, recreation, swimming, etc. they give tours color.
8) Guests arriving at the end of the roundabout at 2:45 pm will take a rest and go to lunch for a rest. After the meal, when all the guests are ready, the group of the Rafting Tour is settled on the television and the guests watch the video. If you want, you can buy this video.

9) In addition, photographs are taken during rafting all day, on canyon tour, in swimming malls, on adrenaline-filled tracks, or by stating our guests. These photographs are presented in our cafeteria at the end point and are presented in the seyrine of our participants. Our wishful guests can also buy from these photographs.
10) After watching videos and photos, our guests are taken to the point where they are taken with air-conditioned vehicles.

The track consists of 1 and 2 difficulty grade rapids according to international standards in 14 km of riverbank. The start position is right next to the anciant roman bridge and it is only 2 kilometers after the end point of Beşkonak.

Alanya Rafting Adventure and fun

Alanya is one of the favorite centers for nature sports like rafting. Local and foreign tourists doing Alanya rafting tours will experience memorable moments on the river in Beskonak. The rafting, in which all ages can participate is full of experiences. We encourage you to join this exciting adrenaline filled experience at least once in your life. Thanks to the rafting tour in Alanya you have the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments. You will enjoy riding in the hot summer on the Cool River with a raft boat and refreshing yourself.

Rafting lovers are here

The sports enthusiasts, who raft in the cool waters in the middle of the gorge of Alanya, are witnesses of the breathtaking nature scenes. If you want to add color to your summer vacation with another activity, you can enjoy the exciting minutes by taking part in rafting tours in Alanya.

We are waiting for your rafting tour reservations

Depending on the level of difficulty, Alanya Rafting Sport will offer you different variants in the form of 1.-2.-3. Degree offered by our company. We encourage you to take part in our tours “Köprüçay” in Antalya’s Beşkonak district, in the Köprülü canyon, in the wonderful landscape, accompanied by adrenaline excitement and entertaining. In this beautiful river, the water temperature is 12 degrees and the width is 12 meters. A depth of 3 meters, the region is an indispensable place for rafting. Our tours, which we have prepared, take place with inflatable boats for 8-10 people and are accompanied by foreign language speaking guides. Our professional guides are looking forward to see you among us.
If you are planning a vacation in and around Alanya in the near future, you can find the exciting adrenaline you are looking for. We organize Alanya rafting tours with our professional nature sports team. We prepare daily tours as well as independent VIP rafting tours for groups and individuals.


Transfer with air-conditioned vehicles.
Full track rafting tour.
Standard rafting equipment.
Professional guidance.
Open buffet lunch (grilled chicken, rice varieties, salad varieties and seasonal fruits are not included.) Drinks are not included.
All our guests are provided with individual seat insurance during the transfer; During rafting also insured by personal accident insurance.

You have two options for making reservations. First click on the “Book now” button and fill out the form on the opening page. As soon as your information reaches us, our authorized colleagues will contact you by phone number with whatsapp and make a reservation confirmation. You will be informed of your arrival time by phone once you have confirmed your pre-day transfer list from the date you wish to attend.

Or just make reservation via Whatsapp : 05444101017 Rafet Kavak

How can you make payment?

We have no strict rules about payment. You can hand over our guides on the day you join the activity. you can pay or make reservation over this internet site.

Note: You can come to the Tour as if you are going to the sea. You can benefit from bathing suit, towel, spare clothes, comfortable shoes or sandals, sun cream. You can rent plastic shoes from our facility.

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DEPARTURE TIME Rafting Pickup time from hotel 8:30 AM.
RETURN TIME Approximately 6:00 PM.
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, dry underwear for after the tour, hat, towel.
Professional instructor Wild river rafting
1 hour of free time Transportation in mini-coach

Alanya Rafting be part of a team in the fight against waves and currents.  Unlimited fun is guaranteed in this alanya rafting adventure because you will drive on one of the most famous Rafting river of Europe. Lets dance on the  waves with boat and paddle in the wild canyon waves and whirls. Lunch in the Taurus mountain. The day is always under the  motto here you will get wet here you will have fun.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


8.30 AM – 1000 AM: Alanya Rafting Transportation

  • At the meeting point an instruction will be given
  • Equipment helmet and life jacket
  • Boat and rudder

11.00 AM – 2.00 PM: Rafting


2.00 PM – 3.00 PM: Lunch


3.00 PM – 4.00 PM: Rafting Photos


4.00 PM – 5.30 PM: Return

Alanya Rafting Adventure Tour

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