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About Alanya

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About Alanya 1
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About Alanya

About Alanya – Alanya is located on the eastern shore of the Antalya Gulf. İt is on the provincial border of Antalya. İt is located at the mediteranean Coast along Antalya-Mersin. The city’s center is on a peninsula with a narrow crest. Alanya’s coastline, known for its natural beaches, is surrounded by orange, mandarin and banana gardens. from earliest times Alanya combines the natural beauties of an coastal city with its rich historical heritage. İt is one of the most developed tourism centers in the region. 

Alanya City in Turkey

By comming to Alanya City you have choosen a very exciting destination. We offer also all kind of Alanaya tours.  The scenery is stunning and Alanya is a beautiful city. it is also a place with a magnificent past. There really is something for everyone. You will see the most interesting places in Alanya. You can see the Alanya Castle with the old town, make a boat trip around the peninsula,  visit the traditional friday bazaar, have a lunch on the dim river, a delicious meal and see the impressiv dim cave in the taurus mountain.


alanya harbour bird viewq
Alanya harbour bird view

Alanya History

Aya Yorgi Church: Aya Yorgi (Hagios Georgios) is located in the inner castle. It is a small church belonging to the Byzantine period which was thought to have been built in the 16th century. There are traces of frescoes inside the church which preserves its main feature. İt is Protected now as a whole with the castle

During the Seljuk period, when Alaettin Keykubat conquered the castle (1221), the name of the city Changed to Alaiye. The Seljuk sultans spent the winter months in Alaiye because of their temperate climate and sheltered castle. The city developed as an important commercial port during this period. The castle was rebuilt by Sultan Alaettin I Keykubat. During the turmoil in Anatolia during the 13th century, Alaiye changed hands several times between Karamanoğulları and llhans. Mehmet passed to the Ottomans at the time. In terms of ipmortace it is necessary to count Alanya castle in the first place. The castle is located in the nose of the island. İt consists of three parts; outer, middle and inner part.

Throughout history, Alanya has seen an important fortress on the Mediterranean for empires like Rome, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman. During the Seljuk period, the region was under the rule of Alaeddin Keykubad who had gained a geopolitical importance. The famous Red Tower, the shipyard and the Castle of Alanya were built during this period.

Alanya’s first known name was Korakesion

Korakesion is the first known name in the past age. Korakesion was sometimes counted to Pamphylia and sometimes to the Kilikia region. After the death of Alexander the Great, the Alanya castle became the shelter of the pirates in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Korakesion Castle was used as a port BC In 65. The Roman commander Pompeius destroyed the Korakesion Castle and thus the piracy period ended. Although Early Christian and Byzantine periods is less, its name is known as Kalonoros (Beautiful Mountain). 

About Alanya – castle bird view


Alanya is a province of Antalya turkey. İt is a tourism district shaped by the famous Alanya peninsula on the Mediterranean coastal area. To the north lies the Taurus Mountains. Alanya, which has the longest southern coast of the region, has spread over an area of ​​1,598,51 km2. The population of our district is 291.643.

Kadıini Cave

A mass grave, estimated to be from 7,000 to 5,000 years ago, was found in the Kadıini Cave in Alanya. The Skeletons provide information about the Chalcolithic period.

kadiini cave
kadiini cave


The picture like city Alanya, with almost 300,000 inhabitants, is one of the largest and most beautiful cities on the Turkish Riviera. Emperor Antonius once gave Cleopatra – after her was named the famous beach – this beautiful spot for wedding. Even from far you can see the Castle which is the landmark of Alanya. İt is crowned by the fortress. Below the castle is the beautiful old town with hundreds of years old houses. In some, people still live as they did many years ago. The narrow streets are calm and timeless. From here, walkers can climb with time and breath the old winding path to the top of the castle. It is a bit exhausting, but the view of the city is worth it.

alanya castle
Alanya castle


Alanya Red Tower 

Alaettin I Keykubat built the red tower east of the castle to defend the shipyard. Kızılkule is the Turkish name which means red tower. The 33-meter-high Kızılkule is an octagonal building which is still standing today. This solid tower, which dominates the harbor part of the city, is named after the dark red stones. It was built in 1226 during the reign of Alaaddin Keykubat, replacing the remains of an old castle from the Klikian pirates. The Tower ; is a unique example of Anatolian building art with its location, plan, construction technique and inscriptions. The inscription on the door of the tower, which has three inscriptions, states that it is the work of Abu Ali Reha El Kettani of Aleppo, who also built the Sinop Castle. In the other two inscriptions there are eulogies to Alaaddin Keykubat. Each wall of the octagonal planned tower is 12.5 m. width and height of 33 m. The tower consists of two open and three closed total of five floors. The tower, which was the watchman of the shipyard, was opened to visitors as an ethnography museum by a radical restoration between 1951-1953. It is connected by a long wall surrounding three separate towers and the upper castle. The tower has become a symbol of Alanya with its similar and imposing appearance in the harbor.

About Alanya
About Alanya


Selçuklu Shipyard

After Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat took Alaiye, it was built in 1228 in order to form the Mediterranean Fleet which he considers to protect the tradesmen and coastal traders in the Mediterranean. It is the only Seljuk Shipyard built in the south of the Red Tower on the sea shore with five chambers. The shipyard is 56.5 meters long and 44 meters deep and is covered with vaults. There are windows on the ceilings of the shipyard whose walls are made of hewn stone and arches and domes are made of bricks. There is a masjid on the left side and a water source behind the 3rd chamber of the shipyard with a guard room on the right side. The shipyard, which has remained intact for eight centuries, is located next to the Red Tower.

Alanya Shipyard Building
Alanya Shipyard Building

Alanya city Climate

The Mediterranean climate in Alanya prevails in the region. The winters are warm and rainy, and the summers are hot and dry. Due to its climate of irresponsibility, it is suitable for many sports activities and cultural activities. Alanya holds a 9% share  in terms of tourism in Turkey. But 30% of foreign property owners are living in Alanya. Tourism has started to develop after 1958 and has become the most active business line in our county. Which caused a raising population in the region.

The economy of our city is largely based on agriculture and tourism. As a result, the service sector has developed. Consumption close to the services and goods that are produced takes place in the nearby tourist places.

Alanya city Tourism

Alanya city has an important share in the country tourism. Thanks to the tourism breakthrough that started in the 1980s, the city has become its present state. At first, there are many types of tourist facilities from hotels with a capacity of 1,000 people to huge facilities with 3,500 people capacity. A typical Mediterranean climate prevails in Alanya. The Mediterranean climate brings much rain in the winter and the summers are longer, hot and almost without rain. The Taurus Mountains are close to the sea. It is only snowing to the higher parts of the mountains, though not often. The annual average temperature of sea water in Alanya is 21.4 ° C (71 ° F) and in August it is 27.9 ° C (82 ° F). The high number of sunny days and the high number of sunny days are important for keeping the tourism alive.

Triathlon, the most important successful event in Alanya’s sporting world, starts every second week of October at the Keykubat Beach and ends at the Alanya harbour. Another international organization is the European Beach Volleyball Tournament. It is built on the world famous Cleopatra (Damlataş) Beach.

Alanya city Sport

Alanyaspor is the football club in Antalya’s Alanya province. Their team color is orange and green. The Team plays its matches at the Alanya Oba Stadium with a capacity of 10,842 people. Alanyaspor, who competed in the 1st League in the 2015-16 season, qualified to fight in the Super League in the 2016-17 season after the play-off matches.


Alanya has also a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing. İf you visiting this great spot of earth we recommend you to take part in the Alanya city tour.

Alanya has sister city relationship with long-term partnership between the following countries.

Boras in Sweden
Fushun-People’s Republic of China
Gladbeck Germany
Keszthely Hungary
Mahdia in Tunisia
Nea Ionia-Greece
Rovaniemi Finland
Spindleruv Mlyn-Czech Republic
Talsi Latvia
Trakai in Lithuania
Wodzislaw Slaski-Poland
Nowy Sacz-Poland
One-Erkenschwick Germany
Zelenogorsk-Saint Petersburg Russia
Dergachi-Saratov Russia
South-Eastern Okrug in Russia

life is beautiful in alnaya. 16 000 european people are living here.

See also Alanya Dolphin show




About Antalya

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Antalya, is one of the biggest cities of our country and one of the tourist main spots, that almost everyone wants to visit.

About Alanya 3
About Alanya 4

About Antalya

About Antalya –  Antalya is one of the biggest cities of our country and one of the tourist main spots, that almost everyone wants to visit once in a lifetime. Antalya is a place where tourists from many countries of the world come to visit every year. They want to chill in the sun, swim in the nicest bays, make some adventure or relax tour or even visit nice places like antique places of the past civilizations . Tour destinations are : Manavgat, Side, Belek, Kemer, Kas, Kalkan, Alanya, Olympos, Adrasan in the form of a long list of places that make Antalya; Antalya.The city center has also a lot to offer. Antalya shows you a magical world. Antalya is also a cultural city. People from all over the world are showing great interest in the festivals and cultural art activities.

About Antalya – Antalya harbour

What to do in Antalya?

There are many answers to the question of what can be done in Antalya. What can be done in Antalya varies directly from the holiday to the expectation. There is daytime entertainment  and a busy night life with the same intensity. There is somthing for everyone. The center is more preferred for shopping. Shopping malls are gathered near the center. The products of various brands are available. They brands may be not originals 😉 


Antalya shopping street
Antalya shopping street


Antalya Aquarium

There are many places to see throughout Antalya. It takes quite a long time to visit each of them. Antalya is very big. You are advised to use a navi when you go by your own. While going to Antalya, you will not return without enjoying the most special spots of the city. Antalya Aquarium for example is one of the most visited entertainment centers. XD cinema, tunnel aquarium, snow world, reptile house and many more to exploore.


antalya aquarium
Antalya aquarium

About Antalya Kalei içi

Kale içi is the old town at the thharbour. Located in the center of the city. Kaleiçi has a magnificent view with its historic houses. The narrow streets takes you on a journey to the past. There are souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants on each side of these streets. Many products can be purchased from local products to brand items.


Antalya Kaleiçi (old town)
Antalya Kaleiçi

About Antalya Aspendos

Which is very famous all over the world is located in the town of Serik. İt is one of the best preserved Antique Theaters in the world. It is possible to breathe the air of the past by spending time on the stairs of the theater. This theater is an important work not only for our country but also for around the world.




Side Antique City

Another important building is the ancient city of Side. İt dates back to the Hittites. Within the ancient city, there are an amphi theater, temples, baths and other ancient buildings like agoras. The Apollon Temple is another atraction within this city. İt is located directly on the sea.

Side Antique City
Side Antique City


About Antalya Kaş

It is one of the most preferred Antalya points with its nature and never ending night life in summer. It is located on an beautiful seaside. It is also possible to reach Kaş from Muğla Dalaman Airport. It is a holiday resort preferred mostly by young people. Kas is famous for its beaches as well as for its charm.

Antalya kaş
Antalya kaş

About Antalya Kaputas Beach

Located between Kas and Kalkan, this beach is known for its turquoise color. The water flowing from the ground keeps the water cool. The water of the beach can be therefore a bit colder. İts color is so beautiful that it looks like pictures on postcards. 

Kaputas Beach
Kaputas Beach

Manavgat waterfall

Manavgat Waterfall, which is frequently heard by name, is formed by water pouring from a 2 meter cliff. İt impresses with its water masser, rather then the height of the fall. It is one of the quietest areas of the city. A perfect place to look at and to relax. You can also benefit from the facilities located near the waterfall. There are restaurants, ice caffees and souvenir shops. Local people coming here to make some picnic in an neighbour area. Make some nice holidy pictures. You can book also the manavgat bazaar tour to visit the bazaar, have a boat tour on the river and finaly see the waterfalls.


About Alanya 5
Manavgat Waterfall

Altınbeşik Cave

The cave is located in Altınbeşik, which is one of the national parks within the borders of our country. Another name of this cave is the Düdensuyu cave. A 125-meter lake extending from the entrance to the end of the cave Travertines can be seen at the end of the cave. 

Altınbeşik Cave
Altınbeşik Cave


About Antalya Hadrian’s Gate

The gate was built during the visit of the Roman Emperor Hadrianus  in 130 BC. İt is one of the most important antique works of Antalya. The gate is located near Kaleiçi (old town). Although the sculptures made with the gate did not reach the present day, the inscription still remains. It is still possible to see the glamorous decorations of the door. These adornments, which are made of excellent craftsmanship, reflecting the artistic understanding of the period.

Antalya Hadrians Gate
Antalya Hadrians Gate

Antalya Archeology Museum

Antalya Archeology Museum is located in Konyaalti. Founded in 1922, nearly 5,000 works were exhibited in the museum. The history of the city can be seen in this museum. It is one of the points that must be visited by those interested in historical monuments. Antalya Archeology Museum is adorned with works that reflect the history of the city. In one section, toys for children are exhibited from ancient times. The aim of the establishment of the museum is to prevent distruction of artifacts.

Antalya Museum
Antalya Museum


About Antalya Konyaalti Beach

It is one of the most popular beaches in the city. The beach stretching from Falezler to Antalya Port has a length of 7 kilometers. 4.5 kilometers of the beach is arranged to be able to swim. The sea is beautiful and it is one of the beaches with the ’Blue Flag‘ in our country. The beach is quite easy to reach. Accommodation facilities and large hotels are available around the beach.

Konyaalti Beach
Konyaalti Beach

Antalya Saklıkent Ski Resort

Even hot weather comes in mind when we talk about Antalya it has also a Ski Center. İt is only one hour from the city center. İt is an option for those who want to make a snow holiday. It offers accommodations and skiing facilities. It will also be a very different experience for families with children. Services such as the accommodation facilities can be used as well as snow cars specific to the region.

Saklıkent Ski Resort
Saklıkent Ski Resort

Kurşunlu Waterfall

Kurşunlu Waterfall is 22 kilometers away from the city center and is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Antalya. The waterfall has a height of 18 meters and remains in a 2-kilometer canyon. It consists of 7 small ponds and further small waterfalls. A great place to make a walk.


kursunlu waterfalls
Kursunlu waterfalls

Antalya Accomodations

The answer to the question of where to stay in Antalya is directly related to where you are going. It is possible to find accommodation facilities in most of the above listed locations and others too. Hotels in Antalya city center can also be preferred for accommodation. There are dozens of facilities for accommodation from five star hotels to rental options. It is also possible to see one of the big chain hotels of the world in Antalya. These hotels work in summer with almost full occupancy rate. If you are going to summer holiday in Antalya, we advise you to make a reservation beforehand. Especially in July and August it is almost impossible to find a place.

Antalya Accomodations
Antalya Accomodations


There are three options for transportation to Antalya. Transportation by private vehicle, air and public bus can be found easily. Air and land options are available in summer. Transportation from Antalya to all cities can be found easily. The airport is located just outside the city center and it is possible to reach the center by bus. There is an advanced public transportation system in the city center too. Car rental services are also widely available throughout the city. 


manavgat river

About Manavgat

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About Alanya 6
About Alanya 7

About Manavgat City

Manavgat is dominated by the Mediterranean climate, it is known for its hot and sunny weather. Its natural environment is beautiful and it is a place where people can meet their holiday needs. Manavgat, which allows you to breathe the air of the Mediterranean Region, is one of the resorts that people enjoy to visit during the summer months. The resort town where the ancient cities and historical places are abundant, welcomes people to luxury hotels. The fact that people coming to Manavgat are many places to visit and see is causing many people to be amazed by both domestic and foreign people. Both the Manavgat waterfall and the ancient city of Side are places that appeal to the visual taste of people from all over the world.



Manavgat city

People coming to Manavgat should prepare a good list for the trip. Because this place contains many places to visit. There are plenty of activities and places to see for people who are eager to discover new places besides the seaside. Manavgat is one of the most preferred places for tourists; You can see :

• Manavgat waterfall
Side Ancient City
• The Apollon Temple
• Side Amphitheater
Köprülü Canyon National Park
• Seleykia Ancient City
• Side Museum
• Aspendos Bridge
• Trembling Lake
• Manavgat River
Oymapinar Lake
• Evrenseki
• Manavgat Külliye Mosque
• Groove Bridge
Manavgat bazaar

Manavgat waterfall;

Manavgat Waterfall pouring down a cliff about 5 meters. Those who are liking nature can come here and witnessing the beauty of the waterfall. The dumanlı source known as its main source is coming from the Oymapınar Lake. This beautiful place is really worth seeing it. You can also take a drink from the nearby tea gardens and have a drink with the great view.


Ancient Cities; You can see various ancient buildings in Side City from the Lidya time, Roman time, Greek and Byzantine time. the ancient city of Side protects its beauty until today. Offers a unique feast to people at sunset. You still have the chance to take pictures under the old columns in this ancient city where you can visit the interesting ancient buildings. The ancient city remains near the beach of Side and continues to host visitors with its history.


The Apollon Temple; This temple, which was thought to have been built in 150 AD, was named after Apollo, the god of beauty and light. It is among the places that people from all over the world want to see.

side apollon temple
Side Apollon Temple

Side Amphitheater; Manavgat is among the places with striking historical buildings. It is a place where people pay a lot of attention because they have different sculptures and architecture. The architecture of this theater is an example of an architecture typical of the Romans and is one of the rare works in Anatolia.

Side antique theater
Side antique theater

Köprülü Canyon National Park; It is a national park surrounded by cedar forests. It also houses the Temple of Artemis and Zeus. You can make use of the accommodation areas around Köprülü Kanyon and choose one of the hotels nearby. Köprülü canyon is also one of the most preffered rafting areas in turkey.


beskonak koprulu kanyon
Beskonak koprulu canyon

Seleykia Ancient City; It is located in Sırtköy village. Here the local people in the region are named Dedekalesi. Baths, basilica, church, monumental tombs are still visible.

Seleykia Ancient City
Seleykia Ancient City


Side Museum; The reliefs in the museum of side dating from the Roman and Byzantine periods are from the Hellenistic period. The museum, which opened its doors to people in 1961, welcomes hundreds of people every day.

side museum
Side museum

Aspendos Bridge; One of the great remainings of the Roman period, the bridge is estimated at 260 meters and is also known as the Köprüpazar Bridge. The materials used in the construction of the bridge is an important architectural monument in terms of giving detailed information about the architecture of that period.

Aspendos Bridge
Aspendos Bridge


Trembling Lake; even in very calm weather, giving a shaky impression was effective in taking this name. The choice of many hotels around will be a good advantage for those who want to stay in this area.

Side Trembling Lake
Side Trembling Lake

Manavgat River; It is the birthplace of Manavgat Waterfall. You can do canoe rides in the water, jetski, boat trips and of course you can swim in the river water that contains rich minerals to cool off in hot summer weather. Famous is also the Manavgat boat tour to the mediteranean coast. You can swim there both in salt water and sweet water.


Manavgat River
Manavgat River


Manavgat Bazaar; This is one of the biggest bazaars on the mediteranean coast. Visited by millions of tourists every year. You can find here almost everything to buy. Textiles, souveniers, spices and many more…

When is Manavgat Bazaar or on which days is the Manavgat Bazaar ? 

Manavagat bazaar is every Tuesday and Thursday

manavgat bazaar 1
Manavgat bazaar

Oymapinar Lake; Oymapınar lake is in the oymapınar national park. İt is 600 m over the sea level. A place to dream. There are trekking and boat tours. You can also have a picnic around Oymapinar Lake. With its peaceful atmosphere and plenty of green, it offers holidaymakers the opportunity to breathe clean air of the mountains.


green canyon manavgat
Green canyon

Evrenseki; This is a neighborhood connected to Manavgat. However, it is a historical neighborhood dating back to 500 BC. For a while it hosted the Persians. You can easily reach the sea on the clean beaches of this resort which has a blue flag.

Alanya Tours

Manavgat Külliye Mosque; The second largest mosque in the Mediterranean. Thousands of people visit this place every year. The mosque, which has been flocked by many local and foreign tourists, attracts attention with its magnificent structure.

Manavgat Külliye Mosque
Manavgat Külliye Mosque

Local Values

Manavgat has many unique regional values. These include handicrafts, Manavgat sesame, fishing culture. Woven carpets and rugs in handicrafts are of high quality. These carpets and kilims, which attracted even the most interest of foreign tourists, were finely woven with colorful ropes. They are among the rare examples of hand work. At the same time, the art of spoon decoration here is very popular. There are very nice wooden spoon models that can be hanged on the wall by embroidery on wooden spoons. These are products that can be purchased both as a souvenir and as a souvenir from Manavgat.

manavgat kunst
manavgat kunst

Manavgat Accommodations

Because it is a holiday destination, it allows everyone to easily find accommodation. You can benefit from the rich menus of large hotels. If you wish, you can take advantage of smaller boutique hotels. Manavgat is home to many 4 and 5 star hotels, especially for people who are comfortable. Many hotels are located on the seafront. If you prefer small hotels in a little more inner areas, it won’t force your budget too much. Because your hotel and motel options are very wide, you have the chance to evaluate different alternatives. When making your choice, it is very important that you make a choice by considering the proximity to the sea or proximity to the center.

Manavgat Accommodations
Manavgat Accommodations


Transportation ?

You can choose between different ways to go to Manavgat. Airways and land can be considered as these options. Since it is a district which is 80 km away from Antalya center. You have to make your choice of route considering these distances. During the summer, almost all bus companies are here. But if you plan to come with your own car, you can come by following different city routes. Those who arrive by air can arrive in less time. However, Antalya airport should be used for this. It is 70 km away from Manavgat. Taxi and public transportation are available. You can also rent a car if you want.

alanya castle bird view 1

Beautiful Alanya Trips and Festivals

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About Alanya 8
About Alanya 9

Beautiful Alanya Trips and Festivals

Alanya Trips can be made in the holiday destination at the Mediterranean Region, where tourism is intense. İt is connected to the province of Antalya. Alanya is one of the most populated districts of Antalya and is listed as one of the most prefered places where people make their holiday.

Alanya City Tour
Alanya Red Tower

Alanya Attractions

Alanya is a very rich place in terms of sightseeing to visit. Because many civilizations ruled here and left their signs behind. The old name Alaiye for Alanya offers interesting places for people to visit. Beautiful sightseeing. Alanya’s history dates back to the 20th century BC. The fact that it hosted different civilizations made it a cradle of civilizations. The most prefered Alanya places to see;

Alanya Castle and City Walls
• Ancient Shipyard building
• Red Tower
• Alanya Archeology Museum
• Alanya harbour
• Laertes Antique City
• Ancient City of Syedra
• The Mountains
• Dim Cave and Dim river
• Damlataş Cave and Damlataş beach

The most preffered Alanya daily Trips:

Alanya Castle and walls

Alanya Castle and walls; Although it remains under the sovereignty of many countries, it is still staying today. For tactical use in earlier times It was extremely difficult to get inside both by land and sea. The parts which can still be seen today are  works carried by Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat. Museum card holders have the opportunity to enter and travel here without paying the entrance fee. Or you pay a little fee to see it.

Alanya Shipyard Building

Alanya Shipyard Building; It was built by Sultan Keykubat in 1228. Sultan Keykubat received the title of ‘Sultan of the two seas’. The building, which was used until 1960, opens it doors to people as a museum in the area of ​​alanya harbour. You can walk thrugh it and even further in castle direction.

Alanya Boat Tours
About Alanya Trips

Alanya Red Tower

Alanya Red Tower; The tower, built in the 13th century, is one of the best examples of defense. This building was also built by Sultan Keykubat. This tower was built to protect both the shipyard and the castle from sea attacks. This is one of the most interesting structure to see at an Alanya Trip.

Alanya Red Tower
Alanya Red Tower


Alanya Archeology Museum

Alanya Archeology Museum; There are two separate parts. Archaeological and entographic sections of the works. The items exhibited in these sections were revealed as a result of excavations in the region. It is located near the Damlataş cave. Museum card is valid.

Alanya museum
Alanya museum

Alanya Laertes Ancient City

Alanya Laertes Ancient City; It is an ancient city founded at the entrance of the Dim Valley. 800 meters above sea level. However, there is also a port. It is emphasized that it was from the 7th century BC. Since this place has not been turned into a museum yet, there is no fee or hour to visit. You can get there with a car.

Alanya Laertes Ancient City
Alanya Laertes Ancient City

Alanya Ancient City Syedra

Alanya Ancient City Syedra; It is located close to the ancient city of Laertes. This means that you can travel both places on the same day. It is about 400 meters above sea level and can be supplied as much as the foundation date until the 7th century BC. You don’t have to pay any fees here.

Alanya Ancient City Syedra
Alanya Ancient City Syedra


Alanya Boat Tours

Alanya Boat Tours; We have different kind of Boat tours to offer. Just to mention a couple of them : Alanya Katamaran tour, VİP yacht tour, Pirate boat tour, Phishing tour with boat, disco boat tour and many more. Alanya boat tour is one of the most enjoyable moments of the holiday. Many unnamed bays and sea caves offer the possibility to see these places and swim in it. It is the first choice of people who want to enjoy the sea and the sun as a different holiday entertainment.,


Alanya boa tour
Alanya boat tour

Alanya Dim Cave and Dim Tour

Alanya Dim Cave and Dim Tour; the cave is located east of Alanya and is consisting of 4 different galleries. İt is known as the second biggest cave for tourism in Turkey. The temperature in the cave never changes. In summer and winter it is always 18 degrees. The natural surrounding outside the cave is also breath taking and ivites you for perfect holiday photos.


Alanya Dim Cave tour
Alanya Dim Cave tour

Food and Drink in Alanya

There is a kitchen understanding that the vegetables are mainly used. Wheat is a cereal product especially used in Alanya cuisine in different ways. For people who visit here, it is a kind of citrus shell jam that can be a different taste. Yarpuzlu akdarı soup, ilibada wrap, country dinner are the highlights of the region. However, you can also find international cuisine in the hotels. Besides the local cuisine, the big hotels that serve the tastes of different countries also take care of the taste of tourists. Many places offering extremely good service and you can have a pleasant dinner with live music in the garden of the location. Those who consider preferring to fish are also able to evaluate the possibilities of Fish restaurants.

Alanya by night tour
About Alanya Trips

Alanya Nightlife and  Disco Tours

Alanya Nightlife is also extremely important for people who like to party. Alanya is a place with different alternatives in nightlife. Especially in the summer months, holiday makers come to this region and many entertainment facilities continue to serve until late at night. Mini bars, Disco’s and restaurants on the beach allow people to enjoy their time. For people who don’t want to spend time in clupplanes and who are looking for a quieter place, there are also cafes serving non-alcoholic drinks and also offer entertainment.


About Alanya 10
Alanya Disco tour

Festivals And Special Days In Alanya

It is a fun place with lots of festivals and events. International festivals such as International Tourism and Art Festival, Alanya International Jazz Days, Presidential Cycling Tournament and International Alanya Triathlon are among these festivals. Since the dates of each festival and event are different, you can prepare your holiday period by taking these special days into consideration. Alanya is a rich holiday resort in terms of activities. Because the days are taking place very often, vacationers will have a lot of fun and great moments. Alanya is a holiday resort that offers many different alternatives to those who come to the sea and nature. If you wish, you can choose to sunbathe and you can also participate in other activities like Alanya daily Trips. In terms of sports, there are a lot of facilities to use or take part. For example Gym, Tennis, dance clubs and many more. The Presidential Cycling Tour is a tour starting from Alanya and attracts a lot of cyclers from all over the world.

Alanya Bicycle tour
Alanya Bicycle tour


In this tourism region toursits have plenty of choice for accommodation. İt is very easy to find a place to stay regarding their economic situation. The camping areas in Alanya offer beautiful areas for people who want to stay at with their tents or caravans. There are accommodations from apart hotels to 5 star luxus hotels.

Alanya Tours

Alanya Transportation

You can come through different ways to Alanya. Going to Alanya with your own car is good when you want to discover all by your own. However, you can benefit also from the bus companies. Those who depart from Istanbul to Alanya will have to go about 10 hours with bus. By air, this time is limited to approximately 50 minutes. Antalya or Gazipaşa airport can be used as airport destinations. Transfer Options from Airport to Alanya is possible with taxi or shuttle bus. There is no train to Alanya. Public transportation within alanya is good organized.

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fishing tour

Nice Alanya fishing tour

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Nice Alanya fishing tour

Alanya fishing tour offers to catch some fishes on one of the most charming seas in the world. Enjoy the mediteranean sea and the fantastic bays with our fishing boat. Sounds good ? Than join us with this relaxing trip.The suitability of the equipment as well as the professionel captain and most importantly the professionalism of the fishing tackle is necessary for the chance of catching fish. We are awaiting you to our boat where all these features comes together.


fishing tour
Alanya fishing tour

Alanya fishing tour

We have to get out in the morning because we have to increase our chances of catching fish.  As in all of our Alanya Tours we will take you up infront of your Hotel and go to the fishing boat. We will throw a maximum of 6 fishing lines to catch fish together with 10 fishing tackles while the boat is driving. The important thing here, are the angles to each other. There are seats, indoor area, open space, toilet, kitchen, fridge, sonar, lifejackets on our boat. Our professional fisher will make the most suitable hunting  for you according to the weather conditions and the fish season.


Alanya fishing tour
Alanya fishing tour

Sometimes deep water hunting, sometimes towing, sometimes jigging. According to the condition of the sea, your feed is set with a saddle, chicken breast, worms, fake bait, etc. Our fishing tackle are professional machines produced from the best quality materials. Fishing is done at a distance of 2 to 6 miles from the port. It can be around the Alanya castle, in front of the cave, in the direction of Mahmutlar or in the open sea. As predicted by our sonar device, our predictions of where and when fish will come out are strong. The size of the fish is generally between 20-80 centimeters and 200-4000 gr depending on the season.

fishing tour
Alanya fishing tour


Meet with guests at the specified point in the morning (transfer)
Move by boat from Alanya pier
According to the season location will be choosen
Deciding wether, jigging or bottom-up hunt will be done
You can take the caught fish with you

Hotel transfer
Professional fishing equipment
Feed for hunting etc.

You can take the fish you caught with you. Our tour lasts approximately 5 hours from 08:30 to 13:30. At the end of the tour our transfer vehicles will bring you back to your hotel.

Whatsapp reservation 00905375088869 Hayati Turan

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manavgat bazaar 1

Manavgat Bazaar

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Manavgat Bazaar

4 attractions are awaiting you : Big manavgat bazaar, Manavgat river boat tour, Manavgat waterfall and swimming at a very special place

manavgat bazaar
Manavgat bazaar


The Manavgat bazaar tour is connected with the city center of Manavgat. This is one of the most asked Alanya tours. İt has three attractions to offer. One is the manavgat boat trip. You will discover the turquoise water of the Manavgat River. Second is the famous  Manvgat waterfall and third is of course the well-known and at the same time the largest Bazaar of the southern Turkey. Relax in connection with a boat ride to the mouth of the Manavgat River, where the river reaches the Mediteranean sea. This gives you the oportunity to swim in the river or in the Meiteranean sea. With a little luck you can watch the numerous river turtles in a natural setting. For strengthening a tasty Meal waiting for you and also a swim time is given for two hours before going by bus to the famous Manavgat waterfall. This is an ideal trip for the whole family and ideal on hot days.

Manavgat bazar

Stroll through the colorful weekly Manavgat bazaar and be enchanted by the traditional atmosphere. Haggle on the Manavgat bazaar get the lowest rates for fragrant oriental spices, tasty teas and all sorts of textiles. This bazaar is the biggest on the mediteranean coast and you can find hear all kind of souveniers, textiles, spices and many more things to good prices. You will have 2 hours of free time on the bazaar to discover all kind of articles.

Manavgat Boat Tour


manavgat boat tour
Manavgat boat tour

We will start with the Manavgat boat tour by taking you up from your hotels. Only a few kilometers away from Side is Manavgat. Inhale the cool and clean air of this city with the manavgat boat tour. You will like the Manavgat river. After this basaar visit, you will arrive at a place where you pass through the fish farms through the Manavgat river and into the sea where the river meets the sea.

manavgat boat tour 2
Manavgat boat tour 

A place where the river Manavgat meet with the sea. Open your arms, side by side, the river flows along one side and on the other side is the sea. Even the shimmers are different. Each square has a hidden square. Food service will be given on the boat. Fun and animations will take place on the boat. Sometimes we have live music, sometimes dancer entertainment. After a delicious lunch and a swim, we are taking you back to the harbour.



The Manavgat waterfall is famous and a must see. Although the Manavgat waterfalls are not very high, the waters flows with great force over the rocks. This is a great oportunity to make fantastic holiday photos. Here you can also benefit from the restaurants, ice caffees and souvenir shops (optional) After visiting the Manavgat waterfalls and having a small break, your bus is waiting for you to be driven to the bazaar. Here comes what comes to mind; vegetables, fruits, spices, dried fruits and all kinds of clothing and souvenirs.


Manavgat is a beautiful and charming district of Antalya. İt is always preferred as the first stop for holidaymakers with its natural structure and historical texture. Particularly natural structures and waterfalls attract attention to the holiday makers in Manavgat. Boat tour is an opportunity for a rare and great landscape. Our holidaymakers who are holidaying in Antalya region can take part in daily boat / yacht tours and get lost in the green and blue. With the magnificent view of the Taurus. İf you have luck you will see some dolphin fishes at the Mediterranean coast. The Manavgat Boat Tour is waiting of you for fun and exciting minutes.  Please contact us to take part in this great tour.

Manavgat boat trip


Turists from all over the world coming to Manavgat to experience a unique holiday on the Mediterranean coasts, they prefer our Manavgat Boat Tour. An event which will add color to your holiday. On the Mediterranean coast, where a turquoise color dominates the sea, you can join the nice wooden boats to experience the most brilliant sunshine and experience the feeling of cruising around the heavenly seaside. 

manavgat boat tour 2
Manavgat boat tour 

The crew will move through the harbor. You can say hello to a journey to the sea and the green with the unique landscape. These are the foothills of the Taurus Mountains. On your Boat tour, you will discover the unique vicinity of the Mediterranean coast. İt will be given a break for swimming enthusiasts. You will have a lunch break and fun-filled moments. Manavgat boat tour are among the indispensable options for those who do not want to spend the holidays on one spot and who wants to discover every  nice corner of the Mediterranean and get lost in the beauty.

The Manavgat river comes from the Green Canyon Lake.

green canyon manavgat
Green canyon

Manavgat River Boat Tour Movement location:

All Participants will be taken from their Hotels in and around of Alanya.

Time : Mondays and Thursdays. Extra Days are organized exclusively for Groups. Our Manavgat Boat Tour is full day and includes lunch.
Transportation: Our guests, who are taken by air-conditioned bus from the surrounding areas.
Our boats: from 30 to 150 people on the Boat. Music at any time. For special group reservations TEL: 00905375088869

Not included:
Drinks and personal expenses to be taken during the tour

Swim Clothes :
Do not forget your swim clothes, your towel and your sun cream!


manavgat boat
Manavgat boat
Manavgat bazaar tour Program:

*  Pick up of guests from the hotel
*  Visit the biggest bazaar on the mediteranean coast
*  Travel to Manavgat by bus
*  Boat trip in the Manavgat river
*  Lunch the boat
*  Swimming in the Manavgat River
*  Return to hotel

WhatsApp reservation: 00905375088869 Hayati Turan

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Enjoy the sun and the sea.

alanya buggy safari tour

Alanya Buggy safari tour

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Have fun and action with our Alanya Buggy safari tour

Alanya Buggy safari tour is among the most extreme types of fun and entertainment tours. They bring together lovers of adrenaline and outdoor activities from around the world. Our buggy safari runs among extraordinary natural landscapes on the forest road. The tour lasts about 2-3 hours on a buggy, which you can ride alone or in the company of a friend. Driving a buggy is pretty easy, you do not need a driver’s license or a specific vehicle. After a short briefing, you can safely begin your journey. Children under the age of 12 can also take part in the tour, but only if they are with their parents.
During breaks at Alanya buggy safari, participants can relax and swim in the dim river. Buggy safari tours are organized 3 times a day: from 9 am to 1 pm, from 2 pm to 6 pm and from 4 pm to 8 pm. Since the tours last no more than three hours, meals are not provided in the program.


alanya buggy safari tour
Alanya buggy safari tour


alanya buggy safari tour is one of the most interesting adventure Alanya tours.  İt shows all the beauties of nature and forest. While having adrenaline with the vehicles offroad and at the same time living the nature. It is one of the most beautiful organizations you can do on your holiday. Also included a nice swim break in a river. You can jump in the river if you want. İt is refreshing. The buggy safari is exactly right for our guests who are seeking action. The Alanya  buggy safari is driven in groups and is very enjoyable.

Alanya buggy safari tour will bring your excitement to the peak

Anyone over 16 years of age can drive. Anyone under 16 years of age can join with an adult. It will be a lot of dust a lot of fun and excitement. After arriving in the base station your guide will explain you how to use the buggy and some general rules. Full instruction from professional guides, easy to operate Buggys İf you have any questions you can ask the guide.

Helmet and ellbow protection will be given. After introduction a test drive will be made. İf you feel good and you are comfortable with the buggy we start our safari. Our team will record your best moments to the camera while driving your buggies. You can watch your video after driving Buggy safari from Alanya.


alanya buggy safari tour
Alanya buggy safari tour

Reasons why you should make the safari

fascinating trip into a nice nature and a great opportunity to admire the panoramas of the Taurus Mountains. Alanya  Buggy Safari tour is great for you if you like action with roads and trails in the mountains to be mastered. İt becomes wet with the river and extremly funny. Join this tour to make your holiday even more memorable. Adventure leads to remember things longer. It’s safe route that is in the Taurus mountain, positive emotions.  During the movement you will overcome tens of kilometers of mountain off-road, you are also waiting for several stops in picturesque places. We invite you to 20 km of exciting driving pleasure.

alanya buggy safari 563
Alanya buggy safari


During the safari you are accompanied by our experienced guides. They also act as instructors, give a brief information about driving buggy and the basics of safety. After meeting the participants and a small briefing, the tour begins. Before the participants opens the road length of about 30 km. Overcoming off-road, you will actively and have fun, and at the end of the road you will find the cool waters of the Dim River. While staying, you can swim, relax, enjoy the magnificent views of nature, and remember your day forever, taking pictures of yourself, your friends and the surrounding nature.

Buggy Safari tour program includes transfers, buggy equipment and insurance. Participants need to take bandanas to protect their heads from the sun and dust, as well as money for personal expenses (tips, drinks, snacks, etc.). Safari tour takes place at the foot of Mount Toros among the pine forest, in Dim River National Park. This place meets all the expectations of adventure and outdoor enthusiasts who love to be alone with nature. Our buggy safari tours are widely known and loved not only in Alanya, but also abroad. Every year, tourists from all over the world take part in them. All guests coming to Alanya to enjoy the magnificent sea and beaches can also take part in all tours. Just reserve a place in the group. Tours are held on all days of the week with the support of professional staff. Our guides and support services team have the most up to date information on any issue of interest to you and always ready to help you.

Alanya buggy Safari
Alanya buggy Safari

Keep in mind

Wear:  glasses, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, a handkerchief to protect your face from dust and dirt. Bathing suit, because in our program we stop for swimming in a nice river.

İf you have a child, you can take them with you and they can sit beside you. No drivers license is required. During the whole safari you will be recorded on camera on certain spots. After the tour you can watch yourself and decide to purchase it for a greate memory if you want.

Our buggies are all in good shape and secure. During the drive a technician will drive with us. İn case help is needed for repair. Our routs are carefully choosen for your action and fun. You are in secure hands since only experience guide are coming with you and guiding the group.

Alanya Buggy Safari tour, WhatsApp reservation: 00905375088869 Hayati Turan

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Green Canyon Manavgat

The Beautiful Green Canyon Manavgat

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Green Canyon Manavgat boat tour

Have a nice and dreamy boat tour over the Green Canyon Manavgat lake in the mountains. This Alanya tour will be a dream day on the lake in the taurus mountain. A beautiful lake, named green canyon in a Fascinating nature. 600 m above the sea level. The Manavgat Lake is the only lake in turkey which allows boat trips. The Water is drink water quality. You will have two swim braeks each break an hour. İf you want you can also rent a canou and discover the small bays from the lake. After the first swim break we will go to the only restaurant with delicious meal which is allowed to run in the protected area under certain circumstances.

Green Canyon Manavgat
Green Canyon Manavgat

This oymapınar village was formerly known as Homa, the village is on the road to Fatmalar Mountain. which is 17 km north of the Manavgat district. The main source of the Lake is the source dumanlı. The date of the first settlement of mankind in Manavgat was 1820 BC from Attalius the King of Lydia. then, in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD Romans, then Seljuks and Ottomans reigned here. Homa is a tourist town in which the ruins that carry water from Dumanlı to Side and Roman aqueducts are still standing in 6 places. Especially on the right side of the Oymapinar Dam regulations, 40 chamber of the aqueducts, which are still standing intact, attract the attention of local and foreign people.,Flowing water from below feeds the river. There is an entrance to the cave on the Tilkiler road (Düden Boğazı Mevki), which is stated by geologists that the inside of Fatma Mountain is a giant underwater lake and water cave. In winter, lush water flows from this sinkhole and reaches the stream and river. In summer this water is cut off. There is the ruin of an abandoned village called Hündüz on the Fatma Mountain. However, there is not much information about this village. In the old village of Homa, Homals are said to have settled in the Taurus Mountains by migrating from different areas. However, there are currently very few nomads. The old minarets of the village were built at the gate of the Central Mosque. The Mosque was built in 1853. The first known population of Homa village was 18 people in 1873. At this date there are 3 households in the current settlement. In 1940, the population of Homa was 242. In 1970, 943. Home village name was changed as Oymapınar in 1962. Oymapınar Dam and Hydroelectric supplies our Plant resort since 1983. Four turbine serves 540 megawatts of power. Again within the boundaries of Oymapinar, the 2nd dam EÜAŞ Manavgat Dam and H.E Power Plant were constructed with 2 turbines in 1989 and are still in service. Due to the dams, many houses, workplaces and villagers’ lands were inundated and concentrated in the center of the village. it is a unique corner of nature, history and tourism of the Southern Mediterranean where all the beauties of nature and historical monuments comes together.

Discover and enjoy the clean Nature of Green Canyon Lake

The Green Canyon Lake has a dazzling beauty. Waiting to be discovered with a boat trips on it. Enjoy the beauty of this extraordinary landscape, floating in clear waters and away from the city complex. Refresh yourself in the heart of a wonderful Nature.

green canyon 5
green canyon 5

Enjoy Green Canyons Clean Water

one of the most beautiful Alanya Tours. Experience the comfort of driving in a boat on the tranquil waters! You will see 2 different canyons which will take you to a different dimension with its dazzling scenery. Nature will embrace you with magnificent beauty! This is the ideal way to get away from the stress of everyday life and spend a calm and calm day in this peaceful setting. You will be renewed! Watching this spectacular lake view, the boat tour starts from the dock and ends in a 14.5-kilometer walk along the green waters of the lake, accompanied by spectacular scenic beauty.

green canyon canue
green canyon canue

The area also hosts a rare species, the endangered fish owls. At the edge of the lake we will give you a swim break after lunch you will have at a restaurant run by the locals. On this comfortable boat you travel, you can relax by lounging on the deck and cooling off with a beverage on the boat. You can catch panoramic views of the Taurus Mountains from different angles of the vegetation cover. Floating hollocks are provided during the green canyon boat tour.

The Green Canyon lake is the 5th largest lake constructed between 1977 and 1984 in Turkey. The wall height is 185 meters.

Whatsapp reservation 00905444101017 Rafet Kavak

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Alanya Hamam 1

Enjoy the Alanya hamam

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Alanya Hamam Turkish bath

Alanya hamam takes place in an authentic atmosphare. Whole Body peeling, foam masage and whole body oil masage treatment are involved in the alanya wellness program. Relaxing and feeling like new born after the hamam. Enjoy your holiday in Alanya and get first a whole body peeling. This peeling is good for your skin because all the old skin will be removed. Your skin can breath better again. To get all aff the skin particles out of your pours, you geta whole body foam massage. You will be wahshed like a child. Now ist time to get a whole body oil massage. The relaxing massage in the turkish bath is good for your health. İf you have tried it once, you will do it in the future again. Have a look at the video to get more impressions about the hamam.

Alanya Hamam 1
Alanya Hamam 1

Alanya Hammam Tour

Alanya is one of the most popular resorts in the world with its beauty, beaches, clean Mediterranean Sea and blue sky. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world have the opportunity to spend a unique vacation, participating in various events and activities that we organize. Among the various events in Alanya, the Turkish bath contains those national peculiarities that everyone who comes to Turkey just needs to get to know. From this point of view, the Alanya hammam tour provides a unique opportunity not only to relax and unwind, but also to get acquainted with the Turkish culture. In addition, the Alanya hammam tour fits into the framework of health tourism, and the reputation of the Alanya baths are growing every day.

All who go on vacation, ultimately want only one thing – it is to rest and relax. Hammam tour creates the ideal conditions to achieve this goal. Hammam relieves fatigue after a full day of events and relaxes the body, giving energy for new discoveries. Turkish baths are different. The heat is calm, but uniform. The Turkish bath is not only a place for cleansing the body, but also a place where you can have a great time with friends over a cup of Turkish tea.

Entering the main hall of the hammam, occupy the central area. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the heat. After 15-20 minutes, when your body has steamed out, basic procedures begin. The bathhouse with a big bag creates a rich foam that covers your entire body. In addition to bathing, the bathhouse attendant does foam massage. About half an hour later, a massage is performed on a clean body using a mixture of aromatic oils. This allows the body to completely relax.

In addition to the basic procedures, any visitor can request additional services, such as mud baths, relaxation in the salt and steam room, as well as pedicure and manicure. These and other services are available at an additional cost.

Alanya Hamam
Alanya Hamam

Meaning of hamam

The meaning of the word hamam; Bathing in a hot and warm area. The meaning is similar in Turkish, Arabic and Hebrew languages. However, the bath is not limited to the meaning derived from these words alone. Thanks to the Turks, that is to say, the Turkish Bath has gained a cultural meaning as well. If we need to define it based on cultural and traditional facts; We can say that it is not only a place of washing, but also the center where health, social and cultural activities take place. If we define it with a health-oriented approach; Then it Can be defined as the place for bathing, purification and healing.

Alanya Hamam
Alanya Hamam

Alanya Hamam Tour

The baths, which are based on ancient histories and which are among the sine qua non of Turkish culture, attract attention of foreigners especially from touristic regions. Among the baths that have a relaxing effect, the Alanya baths continue to give the best services to local and foreign tourists who come to the region. You can enjoy a peaceful holiday with the Alanya baths that provide the stresten treatment. When we look at the history of the bath, we see that it extends back to ancient Roman times. The baths, which were built with the aim of bathing as a basic aim, have been used in entertainment in Turkish culture.

Pamper your soul with hamam

After a tiring holiday trip your body will want to relax and relax. The time you will spend in the Alanya baths, where you will end your tiredness, will provide you with both old and new health and energy. You will experience Alanya bathing tours and you will firstly say hello to the sauna area. By sweating in the hot dry sauce, then clearing away the toxins and dead skin in your skin with the droppings, you also feel relaxed at the same time.

After the serenity that will relieve you up to your stitches and open your pores, you go to the belly button and at this moment the experts in the field throw the sac. After purging, you can expect foam massage, which is very effective for your body to get calm. With this wonderful massage you will have the opportunity to get rid of material spiritual dirt in your body. You will enjoy relaxing with these baths that offer solutions for different demands on body care. After the foam massage applied after the cut, a wonderful twenty minute massage accompanied by aromatic oils will be waiting for you.

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Alanya Hamam

Hamam is more then a bath

Get rid of the dead skin from your body so your skin can breath better. Stimulation of the heart and cardiovascular system, strangthens your immune system, can heal or linder your rheumatism and Cellulite.

During your holiday you can use the Alanya baths at any time. You can also benefit from the mud baths, salt and steam rooms free of charge at the same time in the Alanya bath tour prepared for you. You will have the opportunity to benefit from pouches, foams and oil packs applied by masters who are made up of specialist teams in the field. The services included in the prices of the Alanya hamam company include Guidance- Peeling-Foam and oil massages. Besides, there are manicures, masks and pedicures (extra). You can also get free sauna, jacuzzi and steam room in our raw in Alanya.

You will have the opportunity of relaxation by relaxing from stress and tiredness during your holiday with Alanya bath tour. If you want to make a difference during your holiday and bring your body to a relaxed state with the hot water of the baths, you can make a reservation without any further waiting. There is no fee for children up to a certain age. How many hours and the day you want the prices of the hamam bath is important in the angle of reflection. Our package prices on the hammam tour are in surprise extra services. You can choose female masseur for ladies and male masseur for men.

About Alanya 22
Alanya Hamam

Alanya Hammam Tour Program

Alanya Hammam tour program is held from 9 am to 8 pm. All guests can book a tour at any time during these hours. Here are some guidelines for visiting Turkish baths:

  • Bring swimsuits or swimming shorts with you. Towels are provided on site free of charge.
  • Leave valuables, decorations and money in the hotel where you stay. Bring only a small amount for additional expenses.
  • It is not recommended to visit Turkish baths for women who have health problems or who are pregnant.
  • In the hammam there are separate rooms for men and women. For married couples, there is a separate hammam section and a massage room.
  • Bathhouse attendant services, drinks, foam and oil massage, as well as guide services are included in the tour price.

After visiting Alanya Hammam tour you will get rid of stress and fatigue. You will feel that not only your body is clean, but also your mind. Your skin will change, soften and shine health. If you book our Hammam tour, you will be picked up from the hotel where you stayed and taken to your hotel after bath procedures.

Information message:

For hammams, you can book at any time from 09:00 am to 19:00 pm.
If you are new to tatra, we advise you to come to the baths first for change and innovation in your skin.
When you come to the bath you can swim with your swimming peg or your shorts and take advantage of the pool. We will welcome your different requests, such as towels, etc.
Especially when you come to the bath, do not bring your precious items. This is important in terms of your safety.
We do not recommend hamam to ladies who have health problems (especially blood pressure – heart) or when they pregnant.
There are different types of baths serving both men and women.
You can pay the price of the hamam to your guide friends when you are picked up at your hotel.

About Alanya 23
Alanya Hamam

Please contact us for special treatment or massage packeges.

Transfer to and from the Transfer Hotel
Peeling and Foam Massage
Oil Massage
Guidance Service

Not included
Personal Expenditures and Tips
Mask and Other Massages

WhatsApp reservation: 00905444101017 Rafet Kavak

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Alanya Cappadocia

Cappadocia from Alanya

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Discover Cappadocia from alanya

Cappadocia Starting point Alanya. One of the most scenic Alanya tours. Most İnteresting region with rich history in Turkey. Marvel at the unique landscape with its bizarre tufa stone formations. Dive into a sea of colors from warm red, bright gold and cool green. A strange world which will inspire your imagination. Visit Cappadocia highlights. Numerous hidden monasteries and churches and millennium old Cave Cities under the ground. Walk in the paths of early Christianity in the Fairy tale like valleys of the region of cappadocia.

cappadocia balloon
cappadocia balloon

Underground cities from Cappadocia

Underground cities from cappadocia are unique in the world. These are works of perfect technique. Ventilation systems surprise visitors even today with air circulation tunnels. Safety and security systems, entry and exit with interesting techniques. Walls in the ground and garbage collection mechanisms. The places are carved from the rocks. Especially underground cities, are the most important cultural riches of Cappadocia. These settlements were abundant in the early ages; winter is cold, summer is hot; this the best example of assessing the possibilities and limitations of human nature in a treeless, forestless geography.

cappadocia undergourn
Cappadocia undergound

It is not known when the underground cities were first built. Some investigations point to the use of underground cities, especially in the first floors, where entrances and exits to the place are décor like the neolithic devin house type. In addition, an eagle sculpture of the Hittites in the underground city of Derinkuyu, a square-shaped temple belonging to the Phrygian at the entrance of the Mazi underground city. The sacred signs of Kibele. From here it can be said that underground cities are the oldest settlements of the region. On the other hand, it is not certain that underground cities are used for shelter in the event of danger, or are permanent living spaces. It is impossible to date these cities for reasons such as being used by every living civilization in the region and expanding by adding new spaces. It is generally thought that the first floor settlements are the oldest settlements.


Cappadocia’s Geographical Position

When we look at the history of Cappadocia; Like Anatolia, it gets its name from the geographical area such as Mesopotamia. İt is covering a very large area until to the Black Sea border to the north and to the Mediterranean of the Taurus Mountains. Today, it is a touristic paradise which is composed of intersections of many cities. Although the region that expresses the geography where the Fairy Chimneys are dominant is usually within the provincial boundaries of Nevşehir, it is also connected to its neighbors along with various tourist spots, mainly due to transportation reasons. The ‘city’ neighbors of Cappadocia can be listed as Aksaray, Kırşehir, Kayseri, Niğde, Yozgat, Konya, Kırıkkale, Ankara, Sivas can be added as close distances.

cappadocia undergound city
cappadocia undergound city

Historical Structure of Cappodocia

The first survivals in Cappadocia are based on the paleolithic time (chipped stone cycle). İt has began 2 million years ago BC. The old life extending to the Hittites is known behind this period extending to 8000 BC. Although the information about the Cappadocian past is limited in the era called the dark period, the effects of Assyrian and Phrygian are seen in Cappadocia as far as Persian occupation in the 6th century BC. 300 BC, when Alexander the Great defeated the Persians, Cappadocia established his own resistance and established the kingdom.

dervishes cappadocia
dervishes cappadocia

In the 3rd century BC, wars began with the Romans, and in the 1st century BC the Roman influence began to increase. In the 600 years of independence. The last King of Cappadocia, the region becomes the Roman province before it dies. Arab invasions start in the year 700, according to some sources in the 11th century, some say that in the 12th century the Seljuk period begins. During Anatolian Seljuk period and following along with the Ottoman rule.

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Cappadocia 3 days
About Alanya 27
Cappadocia 3 days

The important moment in the formation of most of the structures visited today in Cappadocia is based on the Christian era. Rocky-cut houses and churches have made the region a gigantic sanctuary and an important religious center for Christians escaping from the imprint of the Roman Empire. We can still follow the 3rd and 4th century settlements of MS. (see also our jeep safari for a visit to the taurus mountains with great landscapes and villages)

Briefly speaking, whoever lives in Cappadocia in history, Hittites, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans.

Whatsapp reservation 00905375088869 Hayati Turan

Depending on the weather, the possibility for voluntary Balloon flight over Cappadocia.

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