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Beautiful Alanya Trips and Festivals

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Beautiful Alanya Trips and Festivals 1
Beautiful Alanya Trips and Festivals 2

Beautiful Alanya Trips and Festivals

Alanya Trips can be made in the holiday destination at the Mediterranean Region, where tourism is intense. İt is connected to the province of Antalya. Alanya is one of the most populated districts of Antalya and is listed as one of the most prefered places where people make their holiday.

Alanya City Tour
Alanya Red Tower

Alanya Attractions

Alanya is a very rich place in terms of sightseeing to visit. Because many civilizations ruled here and left their signs behind. The old name Alaiye for Alanya offers interesting places for people to visit. Beautiful sightseeing. Alanya’s history dates back to the 20th century BC. The fact that it hosted different civilizations made it a cradle of civilizations. The most prefered Alanya places to see;

Alanya Castle and City Walls
• Ancient Shipyard building
• Red Tower
• Alanya Archeology Museum
• Alanya harbour
• Laertes Antique City
• Ancient City of Syedra
• The Mountains
• Dim Cave and Dim river
• Damlataş Cave and Damlataş beach

The most preffered Alanya daily Trips:

Alanya Castle and walls

Alanya Castle and walls; Although it remains under the sovereignty of many countries, it is still staying today. For tactical use in earlier times It was extremely difficult to get inside both by land and sea. The parts which can still be seen today are  works carried by Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat. Museum card holders have the opportunity to enter and travel here without paying the entrance fee. Or you pay a little fee to see it.

Alanya Shipyard Building

Alanya Shipyard Building; It was built by Sultan Keykubat in 1228. Sultan Keykubat received the title of ‘Sultan of the two seas’. The building, which was used until 1960, opens it doors to people as a museum in the area of ​​alanya harbour. You can walk thrugh it and even further in castle direction.

Alanya Boat Tours
About Alanya Trips

Alanya Red Tower

Alanya Red Tower; The tower, built in the 13th century, is one of the best examples of defense. This building was also built by Sultan Keykubat. This tower was built to protect both the shipyard and the castle from sea attacks. This is one of the most interesting structure to see at an Alanya Trip.

Alanya Red Tower
Alanya Red Tower


Alanya Archeology Museum

Alanya Archeology Museum; There are two separate parts. Archaeological and entographic sections of the works. The items exhibited in these sections were revealed as a result of excavations in the region. It is located near the Damlataş cave. Museum card is valid.

Alanya museum
Alanya museum

Alanya Laertes Ancient City

Alanya Laertes Ancient City; It is an ancient city founded at the entrance of the Dim Valley. 800 meters above sea level. However, there is also a port. It is emphasized that it was from the 7th century BC. Since this place has not been turned into a museum yet, there is no fee or hour to visit. You can get there with a car.

Alanya Laertes Ancient City
Alanya Laertes Ancient City

Alanya Ancient City Syedra

Alanya Ancient City Syedra; It is located close to the ancient city of Laertes. This means that you can travel both places on the same day. It is about 400 meters above sea level and can be supplied as much as the foundation date until the 7th century BC. You don’t have to pay any fees here.

Alanya Ancient City Syedra
Alanya Ancient City Syedra


Alanya Boat Tours

Alanya Boat Tours; We have different kind of Boat tours to offer. Just to mention a couple of them : Alanya Katamaran tour, VİP yacht tour, Pirate boat tour, Phishing tour with boat, disco boat tour and many more. Alanya boat tour is one of the most enjoyable moments of the holiday. Many unnamed bays and sea caves offer the possibility to see these places and swim in it. It is the first choice of people who want to enjoy the sea and the sun as a different holiday entertainment.,


Alanya boa tour
Alanya boat tour

Alanya Dim Cave and Dim Tour

Alanya Dim Cave and Dim Tour; the cave is located east of Alanya and is consisting of 4 different galleries. İt is known as the second biggest cave for tourism in Turkey. The temperature in the cave never changes. In summer and winter it is always 18 degrees. The natural surrounding outside the cave is also breath taking and ivites you for perfect holiday photos.


Alanya Dim Cave tour
Alanya Dim Cave tour

Food and Drink in Alanya

There is a kitchen understanding that the vegetables are mainly used. Wheat is a cereal product especially used in Alanya cuisine in different ways. For people who visit here, it is a kind of citrus shell jam that can be a different taste. Yarpuzlu akdarı soup, ilibada wrap, country dinner are the highlights of the region. However, you can also find international cuisine in the hotels. Besides the local cuisine, the big hotels that serve the tastes of different countries also take care of the taste of tourists. Many places offering extremely good service and you can have a pleasant dinner with live music in the garden of the location. Those who consider preferring to fish are also able to evaluate the possibilities of Fish restaurants.

Alanya by night tour
About Alanya Trips

Alanya Nightlife and  Disco Tours

Alanya Nightlife is also extremely important for people who like to party. Alanya is a place with different alternatives in nightlife. Especially in the summer months, holiday makers come to this region and many entertainment facilities continue to serve until late at night. Mini bars, Disco’s and restaurants on the beach allow people to enjoy their time. For people who don’t want to spend time in clupplanes and who are looking for a quieter place, there are also cafes serving non-alcoholic drinks and also offer entertainment.


Beautiful Alanya Trips and Festivals 3
Alanya Disco tour

Festivals And Special Days In Alanya

It is a fun place with lots of festivals and events. International festivals such as International Tourism and Art Festival, Alanya International Jazz Days, Presidential Cycling Tournament and International Alanya Triathlon are among these festivals. Since the dates of each festival and event are different, you can prepare your holiday period by taking these special days into consideration. Alanya is a rich holiday resort in terms of activities. Because the days are taking place very often, vacationers will have a lot of fun and great moments. Alanya is a holiday resort that offers many different alternatives to those who come to the sea and nature. If you wish, you can choose to sunbathe and you can also participate in other activities like Alanya daily Trips. In terms of sports, there are a lot of facilities to use or take part. For example Gym, Tennis, dance clubs and many more. The Presidential Cycling Tour is a tour starting from Alanya and attracts a lot of cyclers from all over the world.

Alanya Bicycle tour
Alanya Bicycle tour


In this tourism region toursits have plenty of choice for accommodation. İt is very easy to find a place to stay regarding their economic situation. The camping areas in Alanya offer beautiful areas for people who want to stay at with their tents or caravans. There are accommodations from apart hotels to 5 star luxus hotels.

Alanya Tours

Alanya Transportation

You can come through different ways to Alanya. Going to Alanya with your own car is good when you want to discover all by your own. However, you can benefit also from the bus companies. Those who depart from Istanbul to Alanya will have to go about 10 hours with bus. By air, this time is limited to approximately 50 minutes. Antalya or Gazipaşa airport can be used as airport destinations. Transfer Options from Airport to Alanya is possible with taxi or shuttle bus. There is no train to Alanya. Public transportation within alanya is good organized.

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alanya rafting tour

Alanya Rafting Tour

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Beautiful Alanya Trips and Festivals 4
Beautiful Alanya Trips and Festivals 5

Alanya Rafting Tour

Standard vacation on the beach or by the pool at the hotel has long been no surprise. The main thing that makes a vacation memorable is a vivid impression of entertainment and activities. To help you make your vacation even better, we organized rafting throughout the summer season at the world famous Koprulu Canyon on the Koprulucay River. This area is known for its picturesque landscapes and excellent conditions for rafting in Turkey. Rafting itself is one of the extreme sports that has many fans all over the world. Alanya rafting tours take place on a 14 km track. The boats are for 2-6-8-10 people and our experienced guides accompany the group at each moment of the tour.


Alanya Rafting 23
Alanya Rafting Tour

Each Alanya rafting tour is divided into 3 stages according to the level of difficulty in accordance with international standards. Therefore, regardless of your level of training and skill, you can find a suitable level for yourself. Beginners will not be allowed to the tracks with a high level of difficulty. But everyone can get a charge of good mood, teamwork experience and just cool down in the cool waters of the river.


Alanya Rafting 25
Alanya Rafting

All participants of the rafting tour, will have free transfer, insurance, lunch, guide services and equipment for rafting. Videos and photos taken during rafting will be offered to participants for an additional fee. Remember that rafting is a sport full of energy and adrenaline, so it has a number of restrictions to the admission of participants. İn particular, pregnant women as well as persons with various diseases are not allowed to rafting.

All participants in the tour are advised to take the necessary things for swimming, sightseeing, sunbathing during breaks. It is recommended to bring with you towels, shorts, comfortable shoes and sunscreen, and leave valuables, documents and money in the hotel. Take with you only a small amount for additional expenses (drinks, photos, etc.).

On the way to the canyon, the tour participants are provided with comfortable air-conditioned minibuses. The water temperature in the rafting area is about 15 degrees Celsius, the depth of the river varies from 1-3 meters, and the width of the river is about 12 meters.

We organize rafting tours on equipment that complies with world standards of quality and safety. Throughout the rafting, the group is accompanied by experienced tour guides. Tour participants are insured from the beginning to the end of the rafting stage.


Alanya Rafting 27
Alanya Rafting 

Equipment for Alanya Rafting Adventure Tour

The Rafting company will provide eqipment like : Neoprene, wet jacket, helmet, life jacket. The participants always will need to bring: swimming suit and towel. For sure the best season to do Alanya rafting is in Spring time, it means April, May, June, where you can find more action. You can make your holiday unforgetable with the Alanya rafting tour. Alanya is one of the best region to do Rafting. Alanya Beşkonak is the location for rafting, with a better volume of water and a great variety of canyons. The rivers are qualified for everyone. The degree of dificulty for Alanya Rafting Adventure Tour is most of all easy.

Alanya Rafting 26
Alanya Rafting 

Raft Adventure for adrenaline seekers

Fort the Alanya Rafting Tour
we will take you from your adress or from your  desired place in and around of Alanya. After the Alanya raft adventure tour you will be driven back to your destination. Tour starting time is between 08:00 – 09:00 am. Pickup time
varies from your adres where you have your accomadation. At the base station in Raft Adventure Tour you will get  instructions from the Professional guides in your own language. After the rafting instructions are finish, your equipments will be provided to you.

Beskonak river is perfect  for Rafting. it is the most popular water sports for adventure seekers. The adventure tour starts with groups of people in a special boat with a guide inside.  Everyone is sitting along the sides of the boat if you want to go with a team. Action, Adventure together with the rest of the group. You can also have a two man boat on your own. This is without guide. A great nature is waiting of you underway you can admire the nice surroundings, turquise coloured water, an ancient bridge over the river.


Alanya Rafting 24
Alanya Rafting

Jumping in the river is also a great opportunity to refresh, enjoy the water. Raft Adventure means also a delicious meal is waiting for you after the river ride. This is a great way to have a good time with your friends or your family. We will have also a stop for playing games, some animations. Perfect moments for our team to record your best moments on cam. You can watch the record, if you want you can purchase it for a nice holiday memory.

When is the best time for this Alanya Tour

To take part of raft adventure there will be many oportunities, because most of the time we have nice weather. Alanya is one of the best regions to do Rafting. Alanya Beşkonak is the location, to which we will go. İf you want to have a great time, a nice ride on the river this is just right for you. The tour is qualified for everyone. The degree of dificulty for Alanya Rafting Adventure Tour is easy and funny. The equipment  is provided by the raft adventure company: Neoprene, life jacket, helmet.

What will you need to wear or bring with you :

swimming suit, towel, dry underwear. Who needs more action should make the tour in spring time. it means April, May,when the water level is even higher.

Do you offer Rafting Trips from elsewhere ?

Yes we can organise Rafting Trips for
you : Antalya Rafting, Manavgat Rafting, Side Rafting, Alanya Rafting.

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Alanya Places to see

Alanya Places to see

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Beautiful Alanya Trips and Festivals 6
Beautiful Alanya Trips and Festivals 7

Alanya places to see, best recommendations

Discover Alanya on our exciting and nice Alanya tours

Alanya City Tour
Alanya City Tour

Has Alanya places to see ? Yes it is famous for its beaches and the beautiful taurus mountains. Join us and you’ll experience the nicest places. You will quickly learn how friendly the local peopel are and love this unique place even more. We have many places here which is in the UNESCO World Heritage. Discover Alanya’s nice streets. Stroll to the oriantal Basaars to buy your desired article in on of our Alanya Tours. Haggle for the best prices on the Alanya Basaar. Good quality at reasonable prices. Alanya offers also a culinary cuisine. Delicious meals are waiting for you as well.

Alanya Places to see
Alanya Places to see

Alanya Tours are offering great Alanya places to see

Alanya has unique places to see. There is plenty of activities for everyone. The most beautiful city on the mediteranean coast : the Alanya city. The idyllic old town of Alanya, the castle, the Red Tower, the Dim cave, the famous dim River. The Taurus Mountains and much more. There are numerous Alanya places to visit. One more exciting than the other. Alanya offers plenty of things to do for everyone. If you want to those up on sightseeing, you’ll find a fascinating line-up of attractions to keep you busy. The old town is full of atmospheric historic sites, while the city is perfectly placed to act as your base for sightseeing around the outlying area, where dozens of ancient buildings are waiting to be discovered. It’s not all history, though. This city is also a great spot for your launch onto the white-sand beaches of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. Beach lovers and history buffs will both leave satisfied.

Alanya Cleopatra Beach

Discover Alanya

Many people from all over the world are discovering Alanya and want to get information about Alanya places to see. Along the promenade there is a cute harbor with many tea rooms, restaurants. With a magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus Mountains. A guarantee for wonderful holiday pictures. Let yourself be enchanted by a romantic sunset.

For adventurers we recommend eg. The dusty, funny jeep safari to the taurus mountains, the adventure rafting tour, paragliding, spring from 800m above sea level, quad safari tour and many more. For relaxing you can enjoy the cozy Manavgat boat trip, the Green Canyon boat trip, one of the many culture, history trips or just enjoy the Turkish bath hamam. There is so much to see you can experience a great time. You will soon realize that you can not do anything on a single holiday. You will realize that you have to come again to see even more of Alanya.

alanya adventure tours
alanya adventure tours

Quality & Cheap Alanya Tours & Alanya places to see

All our Alanya Tours are cheap and quality. You have insurance of all our excursions. We place emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Our guests value our honesty. No hidden sales trips. You get only pure excursions from which You have something. Please contact us if you have any questions or requests.

What kind of Alanya Tours Excursions do we offer: Recommended Alanya tours. Due to our experience the best Alanya Tours Excursions are the following excursions and the most frequently used ones.

View some of Alanya tours Alanya places to see

  • Jeep Safari tour : This adventourus tour is fun, action.  Unforgotable moments in the impressive taurus mountains.
  • Alanya Rafting Tour : nice, freshing in the hot summer in Alanya. You ride on the beşkonak river which is just perfect for rafting.
  • Alanya city Tour : Alanya is a uniqe city with his history, nature. İn this tour you see Alanya castle, the friday bazaar, the famous dim cayi )a restaurant on a river), a boat trip plus of course the fantastic dim cave.
  • Alanya Hamam : a traditional wellness program. Whole body peeling, foam massage, whole body oil masage. Just relaxing. Feel like new born.
  • Alanya Boat tour : Enjoy the sun, the sea on the beautiful coast of Alanya.
  • Pirates Boat tour : best for kids with animation on boat, foam party for children
  • Alanya Quad Safari Tour : action, fun over stick and Stone. Great fun
  • Alanya Buggy Safari Tour : you can enjoy the action as two person on buggy.
  • Alanya Aquapark : Many slides from easy to extreme are there to have fun in Water planet.
  • Antalya Aquarium : Visit one of the biggest Aquarium Tunnels from europe, the waterfall in Antalya, bazaar Antalya city.
What else to see

The list is extandable but these tours are the most used ones from Alanya visitors. Here are some Pictures and explanations to the pictures.

Alanya Cleopatra Beach : its just like a big pool with glas clear water. İt has been said that once Cleopatra has swum hear. İt is not difficult to imagine why she did. İts just beautiful.

alanya cleopatra beach
Alanya cleopatra beach


Alanya Castle : Alanya Castle was settled by many different cultures, nationalities. İt has a rich history, a wonderful view over the mediteranean Sea.  Enjoy the old city, its dreamy streets to the top of the castle.

Alanya castle bird view


Dimcayi : The Dimcayi is a restaurant built on the dim river. Tasty meals are waiting of you to enjoy it on the river. There are bridges about 3 meter high on which you can jump in the river. İts cold, the water is of course deep enough.  Some restaurants offer pools with slides for children.

Alanya dim cayi
Alanya dim cayi


Red Tower : The tower is red because of the red bricks. The interesting structure was build by the selcuks in the 12th century. İt offers a great view to the harbour of Alanya. There is an ethnographic museum in it.

Alanya tower harbour
Alanya tower harbour


The Harbour : Alanya harbour is must see when you visit Alanya. You can sit in a tee house, enjoy the romantic atmosphare from the harbour.  There is a walkway along the boats at the harbour beside the mediteranean coast. By the way nightlife from Alanya is at the harbour beginning at 10:00 pm.

alanya harbour bird view
Alanya harbour bird view


Alanya Dim Cave : This cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Alanya. İt has the most interesting structures of stalagtits and stalagmites. At the end of the cave is a litte pool. İt is in the middle of the taurus mountains in a nice vicinity.

A resort full of admirebale nature and cultural beauties. Turkey is a country of many different peoples and cultures. Each with their own slang and attitudes, meal and landscape. From the iconic ancient buildings of historical places to  the whitewashed villages of Anatolia, it’s as colorful as it is beautiful.

Weather in alanya

The weather in Alanya is the typical Mediterranean weather. The summers are warm and dry. The winters are warm and rainy. The summer temperature is dependent on the sun’s rays falling and the drought is due to the descending air movements. The warmest month average is 28-30 ° C, the coldest month is 8-10 ° C. The average annual temperature is 18 ° C.

The province of Alanya is Antalya

Antalya is famous to have more sun  than any other European city. You can feel the sun almost evert day. Home to the famous Yivli Minare, old town and old harbour, Hadrian’s Gate, you can enjoy the ancient masterpieces of past cultures , Aspendos, Perge Termessos. The near-twin villages of Olympus and Çıralı sit on a piece of lovely coastline near the overgrown ruins of the ancient Lycian city of Olympus., there’s plenty to catch your eye. There is also phaselis, the old Lycian port of Phaselis is where Alexander the Great set up his winter quarters.  You can see a lot of interesting sea caves along the mediteranean coast too. Local Specialists can guide you on the different Alanya Tours, with personal anecdotes and insider information  you wouldn’t get when you travelling on your own.

00905375088869 you talk to Mr. Hayati Turan, also to reach very conveniently via Whatapp.
Email: [email protected]

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Alanya Jeep Safari Tour

Alanya jeep safari tour

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Beautiful Alanya Trips and Festivals 8
Beautiful Alanya Trips and Festivals 9

Alanya jeep safari tour is going over stick and stone

Alanya Jeep Safari tour is action and fun. We will drive 1200m over the sea level. Nice villages in the mountains of Alanya.  You will have some breaks for Photoshoots at the nicest places with great view. In this Off Road Jeep Safari Alanya Adventure tour you will discover typical small villages and breathtaking nature.


Alanya Jeep Safari Tour
Alanya Jeep Safari Tour

We have over 25 years of experience with Alanya jeep Safari Tour. We provide an extensive portfolio of unforgettable experiences in The Real Asia. Choose our adventurous jeep safari alanya and see some great places. Our experienced drivers will provide great fun. You will get wealth and depth of local knowledge in the taurus mountains. Which is very interesting.

The Alanya Safari leads over small ways

The Alanya Safari leads over small ways, hills, dales and almost dry riverbeds to the mountains in open jeeps. The  experienced Jeep safari guides will give you some information about the environment.  There is a swim break in the mountains in the safari alanya and also a delicious  lunch awaits you. This outstanding excursion is adventure, culture and nature in one. Take great memories with you. After the tour you will have wonderfull pictures from your holiday.

alanya jeep safari (51)
Aanya jeep safari convoy

Visit forgotten places with the Safari tour

Jeep Safari Alanya will bring you with the jeeps to destinations in the mountains that time has seemingly forgotten. İnterested in a tour with more action and adventure? Why not try our adventure tour alanya jeep safari. Get up hills and mountains, through rivers, past olive trees and citrus plantages. See the most interesting landscape. Our tours are suitable for individuals, families, groups, and companies and we offer a pick up and drop off service which is included.

What is the safari price ? The safari price is only 20 Euro. Whole day trip meal is included. What you will see ?

One of the most popular activities in Alanya is the Alanya Safari Tour. It is an adventure filled with dust, stone and muddy mountain roads. Rivers and the surrounding natural villages of Alanya. Alanya Safari 4×4 on land vehicles in each jeep is made up of groups of 10 to 12 people.


alanya jeep safari 0926
Alanya jeep safari break

Safari with Adventure and Adrenaline

Alanya tours are great fun. Among the natural beauties are the opportunity to see the surrounding areas of Alanya and to witness the village life. As well as a fun trip full of adventure and adrenaline. About 30 km. off-road, the rest of which is stabilized roads a total of 90 km of Alanya jeep safari which is formed by asphalt village roads;

You can have a very enjoyable day with mud, dust, traditional water battles and spectacular views of nature. Tours usually start 8:30  in the morning. River, forest and village roads after the safari one of the villages of Alanya lunch break is given.

alanya jeep safari 438
Alanya jeep safari village house


If you are planning holiday for Alanya which is one of the most beautiful districts of Antalya and if excitement and adrenalin are indispensable for you, we recommend you to take a jeep and safari tour. Alanya, which hosts thousands of tourists every year, is one of the most suitable places for jeep and safari tour.

alanya jeep safari 94
Alanya jeep safari

Alanya Jeep Safari Tour drivers

For our Alanya Jeep Safari tour, our team will take you in the morning and take the first step of the tour. Our expert drivers in the field are made up of people who have dormitory documents and authority for the jeep tour. During the Jeep tour, they will take care of you and show their smile and sincerity. Alanya, Jeep Safari Tour, which is preferred by those who do not like ordinary holiday. This is for Adrenaline seekers and for those who wants unforgettable memories and for those who want to stamp their holiday, 


Alanya Jeep safari 0880
Alanya Jeep safari

During the safari time, the jeeps first turn the route to the Alanya View Terrace, which is the most beautiful view. If you have a camera, it will be good to have lots of photos to keep you memorable against this wonderful view. Here you will be given preliminary information about the jeep tour and you will be taken to the next route. Our Jeeps departing from Terrace to start and move towards the villages as a new direction. At this point, Off-Road enjoyment is begining and water wars are inevitable. We advise you to keep your electronic goods that can get wet in the water wars in your bag protected. The most fun part of the safari tour is here.

Visit nice Villages

Immediately after the off-road tour, we continue to visit nice villages among the Taurus mountains. In these rare villages that have not lost their originality, you have the opportunity to eat pancakes from the hands of friendly hearted aunts. You can get handcrafted necklaces and ornaments. While visiting our village mosques, village houses and schools, our guide that we have with you continues to transmit wide information to you at any moment.

While visiting the village houses, as the road goes on, the small canyons begin to hit the eye and short breaks are given to take pictures in these canyons. We will see Dim lake, which is one of the first ones to come to mind in terms of Alanya. Then we will move ahead to the dim river for lunch on the river. You can enjoy a swim in Dimçay after a meal break. However, it is useful to note that the water in this area is very cold.

Just Take action for a great activity


alanya jeep safari 0659
Alanya jeep safari
Alanya Jeep Safari TOUR PROGRAM:

Our drivers use our 4×4 land jeeps for 10-12 people. Along the route, especially in Alanya, the road passes through the forest off-road, stabilize and asphalt roads and travels about 90 km. Lunch is given in Dim Çayı, Alanya’s famous picnic area. Do not forget swimsuits and towels if you want to swim in the fresh cold river.

You will enjoy the pleasure of knowing Alanya city both by having fun and going outdoors in the gardens and mountains.

Do not forget
• Our services pick up and drop you off from where you are staying for the tour. It is included in the tour price.
• Camera and Photo Keep your machine at your side for beautiful views and take something with you to protect it from water.
• Keep Sun Cream for your protection from sunburns in hot months.
• The entrance fee to Dim Cave is extra. (15 TL) Requested persons can enter.
Off-roads and water battles take place. There is a possibility to swim in the dim river. Do not forget to bring your bikini or bathing suit with you.

WhatsApp reservation: 00905375088869

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Alanya Aquapark 1

Alanya Aquapark

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Beautiful Alanya Trips and Festivals 10
Beautiful Alanya Trips and Festivals 11

Alanya Aquapark

Alanya Aquapark – Alanya is a tourist paradise, which is recalled immediately when it comes to recreation and tourism in Turkey. Millions of tourists from all over the world come here every year. Having gathered all the conditions for a perfect vacation, Alanya offers a great holiday with excellent tours and infrastructure. Adventure in the aquapark, which we organized for our guests is one of the events that you should definitely visit. It takes place in Alanya Aquapark Waterplanet. Here guests of all ages can have a great day.

The aquapark, located just 40 km from Alanya, in the Okurcalar district, is one of the largest in the region. The park accommodates 2,000 people; It has 24 different water slides, designed for both adults and children. There are also rafting tracks and bungee jumping at a height of 70 meters. In addition, there are other activities in the aquapark, such as an artificial-wave pool and open-air party. And after active entertainment, you can enjoy refreshments on the terrace overlooking the sea.

Alanya Aquapark Gallery 123
Alanya Aquapark


Alanya Aquapark Tour Program

Tour to the water park is carried out within a specific program. Immediately, we note that the tour provides transfer from point to point. In other words, at the end of the day, the transfer will take you to your hotel, from which he picked you up. Services included in the tour price:

  • Information Services,
  • Entrance ticket to the Aquapark
  • Entertainment by the pool
  • Sun beds, towels, sun umbrellas,
  • Access to water slides
  • Shower cubicle, changing rooms, parking, safe are provided free of charge.
Alanya Aquapark Gallery 1
Alanya Aquapark slides


The tour program also includes lunch. Lunch is served as a buffet from 12.00 to 14.30, and all drinks can be ordered free of charge. The only thing you need to take care of when you come to Alanya Aquapark is to take a swimsuit, shorts and sunscreen. And then you just enjoy the sun and cool water.

In Alanya Aquapark any guest will find entertainment to their liking. So, while the children are having fun on the water slides, you can watch the most beautiful view of the Mediterranean and sip drinks in the relaxation area on the terrace. Those who love modern music and dancing can go to the open-air party and have a great time. Those who like active extreme entertainment will certainly appreciate the rafting or bungee jumping tracks from a height of about 70 meters.

Alanya Aquapark Gallery 3
Alanya Aquapark bungy jumpin


Alanya Aquapark location

The aquapark, located just 40 km from Alanya, in the Okurcalar district, is one of the largest in the region. The park accommodates 2,000 people; It has 24 different water slides, designed for both adults and children. There are also rafting tracks and bungee jumping at a height of 70 meters. In addition, there are other activities in the aquapark, such as an artificial-wave pool and open-air party. And after active entertainment, you can enjoy refreshments on the terrace overlooking the sea.


Alanya is one of the five most beautiful vacation spots in Turkey. That is why, you will never forget your vacation here. Alanya gives everyone who comes here the most beautiful places, the warm sun and the turquoise Mediterranean Sea, along with excellent entertainment programs. The only thing you need to do is take part in any event or tour that has been organized to suit all your needs. Just book your tour and enjoy your holiday in Turkey. And at the end of the day you can continue to enjoy Alanya, spending a unique vacation with family and children or with friends.

Alanya Aquapark Gallery 123
Alanya Aquapark

We provide transfer from point to point. In other words, at the end of the day, the transfer will take you to your hotel, from which he picked you up. Service is included in the tour price.

In Alanya Aquapark any guest will find entertainment to their liking. So, while the children are having fun on the water slides, you can watch the most beautiful view of the Mediterranean and have drinks in the relaxation area on the terrace. Those who love modern music and dancing can go to the open-air party and have a great time. Those who like active extreme entertainment will certainly appreciate the rafting or bungee jumping tracks from a height of about 70 meters.

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Alanya Paragliding header

Alanya Paragliding

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Beautiful Alanya Trips and Festivals 12
Beautiful Alanya Trips and Festivals 13

Alanya Paragliding Tour

Alanya Paragliding – jump with our experienced pilots from 800 meter and enjoy the breath taking view of Alanya Castle and the cleopatra beach. The basis of a great vacation is a real adventure. In this case, everyone chooses an adventure according to their temperament. Someone prefers quiet and interesting excursions, and someone cannot imagine a vacation without extreme sports. Alanya Paragliding tour, which is becoming increasingly popular in recent years, takes the honorable first place in the list of adventure lovers.


Paragliding from Alanya
Paragliding from Alanya

Paragliding is an easy way of flying. Whether you dream of soaring above the hills of the Taurus Mountains, or explore exotic locations from the air, we can help you. Paragliders were developed from freefall parachutes and have been refined to make them easy to fly with the best possible performance whilst keeping them small enough to carry in a backpack. As you fly you feel the irresistible freedom of the skies. Experience it for yourself – the excitement of learning to fly is within your decision. We keep you flying safely whilst having fun!

Skydiving is a favorite activity of thousands of tourists from all over the world. Especially in Alanya, where this sport is developed very well. Here are excellent weather conditions. This is an amazing adventure that will forever remain in your memory. Feel the real freedom and enjoy the amazing views of Alanya from a bird’s eye view.


paragliding alanya 2
Paragliding Alanya


Alanya paragliding tour is conducted with experienced instructors from a flat hill at an altitude of about 700 meters above sea level. Flying, as a rule, lasts about 15-20 minutes. The jump ends with a landing on the famous Cleopatra Beach. This is one of the most beautiful and largest beaches in Alanya. Our top priority is safety and quality. Our instructors have been trained, have valid certificates and have proven their professionalism in paragliding. All equipment complies with international standards of quality and safety and is regularly tested.


alanya paragliding 3
Alanya Paragliding


Paragliding tours are held daily from 9 am to 5 pm. You can book a tour at any time convenient for you.

Even if you have never jumped with a parachute before, you can still take part in a paragliding tour. In addition to the basic briefing, your first jump will be performed in conjunction with an instructor. Therefore, all guests of Alanya can experience themselves and fill their holidays with new impressions.

Alanya Paragliding Tour Program

Anyone who believes in himself and wants to experience an incredible feeling of flying can join the Alanya paragliding tour. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world jump over Alanya. You can be among them. Alanya Paragliding tour program includes:

  • Free transfer from the hotel where you stayed to the meeting point;
  • Transfer from the meeting place of the group to the jump point;
  • Instruction on safety and use of equipment;
  • Jump with an instructor;
  • Meeting on the Cleopatra beach after landing;
  • Transfer to the hotel.

paragliding landing
Paragliding landing


Transfer, instructor, equipment, instruction and insurance are included in the tour price. Photos and videos taken during the tour are available at an additional cost. There are no age and weight restrictions for participation in the tour. The exceptions are children under 12 years old, the elderly, pregnant women and those with various diseases (heart, nervous system, diabetes, epilepsy, chronic diseases, etc.).

Paragliding is a unique experience that will be interesting for many peopel. Beautiful bird’s-eye views of Alanya will amaze anyone and will give an indescribable sense of freedom. Flying with an experienced instructor will give you courage and give unforgettable impressions. You can book a tour right now at very reasonable prices and enjoy a unique holiday in Turkey.


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Alanya quad safari tour

Alanya Quad Safari Tour

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Beautiful Alanya Trips and Festivals 14
Beautiful Alanya Trips and Festivals 15

Have fun and action with our Alanya Quad safari

Alanya Quad Safari is a fun that brings adrenaline and excitement into your life. This Alanya safari Tour is dusty and funny. First of all instructions will be given for the Alanya Quad Safari tour and a test drive will be made. As protection for the quad safari  you will get helmet, knie and ellbow protectors.  The adventure drive with our Quads will be 30 km in the Taurus Mountain. Through dust over stone and stick and through water. After 15 km Quad Safari we will make a breake at the famaous dimçay river, where you can swim and jump from a 3 m tower into the water. After Swimming and relaxing we drive back over stick and stone and through dust to the place where we have started our tour.


Alanya Quad Safari 17
Alanya Quad Safari

Alanya Quad Safari Action and Fun with Alanya tours

You are looking for some adrenaline and excitement ? Then this will bring some into your life. This Alanya Tour is sometimes muddy, sometimes wet and sometimes dusty. You do not even need to be a car driver and you do not even need to be a driver at all. You can do it and have fun. After a short introduction and a few meters you will be able to dominate the ATV engine once you have used it İt can be used by 16 years and older.

We have transfer service from the hotels and are included in the price. Guests who have already booked for the tour will be transported to the starting point in the wooded landscape of ​​the Taurus Mountains, where you will be start your exciting offroad quad safari tour.


Alanya Quad Safari 14
Alanya Quad Safari 14

Quad safari from Alanya.

What else will i see during the safari tour ?

During the alanya quad safari tour, a break takes place for landscape photography. You can stop your ATV – QUAD for shooting some nice pictures. Before the Alanya safari starts, the professional guide will give a brief instruction about the ATV quad engine. The necessary equipment for the Quad – Atv safari will be distributed to the participants and you will be prepared to take the tour with safety precautions …

alanya quad safari 10
alanya quad safari 10

Then the landscape and the rivers are crossed and the quad (atv) safari is completed by passing through the scenery offroad landscape. After a little break, all participants will be brought back to their Hotels. (places of hotel, house, reception) where they are taken, when the tour is completed. İf you dont have sunglass or a scarf for dust protection you can get it from us for a few bugs. You will be recorded on the whole tour Alanya quad safari for a great holiday memory. After the tour you can see yourself in action on video and decide to buy it if you want.


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