About Antalya

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About Antalya
Antalya, is one of the biggest cities of our country and one of the tourist main spots, that almost everyone wants to visit. Antalya is a place where tourists from many countries of the world come to visit every year with the antique places of the past civilizations, the blue sea and the beauty of each place. Manavgat, Side, Belek, Kemer, Kas, Kalkan, Alanya, Olympos, Adrasan in the form of a long list of places that make Antalya; Antalya, points out the beautiful destinations. Even though the center is far more sympathetic than many other big cities, Antalya shows you a magical world. Antalya is also a cultural city. The festivals and cultural art activities organized in the city together with their historical artifacts bring this aspect to the fore.


Where to stay in Antalya?

The answer to the question of where to stay in Antalya is directly related to where you are going. It is possible to find accommodation facilities in most of the above listed locations and not counted. Hotels in Antalya city center can also be preferred for accommodation. There are dozens of facilities for accommodation from five-star hotels to rental options. It is also possible to see one of the big chain hotels of the world in Antalya. These hotels work in summer with almost full occupancy rate. If you are going to summer holiday in Antalya, we advise you to make a reservation beforehand. Especially in July and August it is almost impossible to find a place.

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Where to stay in Antalya

Transportation to Antalya

There are three options for transportation to Antalya. Transportation by private vehicle, air and land can be provided easily. Air and land options are available in summer. Transportation from Antalya to all cities can be provided easily. The airport is located just outside the city center and it is possible to reach the center by bus. There is an advanced public transportation system in the city center. Car rental services are also widely available throughout the city. Antalya covers a large area in terms of sight seeing. Therefore, it is one of the most logical solutions to go to remote areas. Especially in the summer heat the vehicle will be a more comfortable option.

About Antalya 2

Transportation to Antalya

What to do in Antalya?

There is not a single answer to the question of what is done in Antalya. What can be done in Antalya varies directly from the holiday to the expectation. Daytime entertainment with the same intensity is added to a busy night life. According to the remaining region, the list of things can be varied. The center is more preferred for shopping. Shopping malls are gathered in this area. The products of various brands are available. There are many places to see throughout Antalya. It takes quite a long time to visit each of them. These regions, which have made a name for themselves within the structure of Antalya, are among the focal points of foreign tourists. While going to Antalya, you will not return without enjoying the most special spots of the city.


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What to do in Antalya?

Antalya Kaleici
Located in the center of the city, Kaleiçi has a magnificent view with its historic houses. Narrow streets take people on a journey. There are souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants on each side of these streets. Many products can be purchased from local products to design items.

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Antalya Kalei

Which is very famous all over the world not only in Turkey, Aspendos, located in the town of Serik. The best preserved part of the theater to date is the part. It is possible to breathe the air of the past by spending time on the stairs of the theater. This theater is an important work not only for our country but also around the world.

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Side Antique City
Another important building, the ancient city of Side, dates back to the Hittites. Within the ancient city, there are theater, temples, baths and ruins like agora. Antalya is among the most important ancient cities.

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Side Antique City

It is one of the most preferred Antalya points with its nature and never ending night life in summer. It is located on an immaculate seaside. It is also possible to reach Kaş from Muğla Dalaman Airport. It is a holiday resort preferred mostly by young people. Kas is famous for its beaches as well as for its charm.

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Kaputas Beach
Located between Kas and Kalkan, this beach is known for its turquoise color. The water flowing from the ground floats by the sea and keeps the water cool. The water of the beach can therefore be a bit colder. His color is so beautiful that he doesn’t have postcards, the water is clear enough to show the bottom of the sea.

About Antalya 8

Kaputas beach

Manavgat waterfall
Manavgat Waterfall, which is frequently heard by name, is formed by water pouring from a 5 meter high cliff. It is one of the quietest areas of the city. It is possible to benefit from the facilities located in the vicinity of the waterfall, which is a region that can be called in full. It is possible to come to picnic in summer. It is also a preferred stopover point by the indigenous people of Antalya.

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Manavgat Waterfall


Altınbeşik Cave
Another name of this cave located in Altınbeşik, which is one of the national parks within the borders of our country, is the Düdensuyu cave. A 125-meter lake extending from the entrance to the cave extends inward. Travertines can be seen when the lake is finished. When these first travertines are exited, a more shallow lake is encountered.

About Antalya 10

Altınbeşik Cave

Hadrian’s Gate
Roman Emperor Hadrianus BC. The door, which was built during the visit of the city in 130, is one of the most important works of antiquity. The door is located near Kaleiçi. Although the sculptures made with the door did not reach the present day, the inscription still remains. It is still possible to see the glamorous decorations of the door. These adornments, which are made of excellent craftsmanship, reflect the artistic understanding of the period.

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Antalya Archeology Museum
Antalya Archeology Museum is located in Konyaalti. Founded in 1922, nearly 5,000 works were exhibited in the museum. The history of the city can be seen in this museum. It is one of the points that must be visited by those interested in historical monuments. Antalya Archeology Museum is adorned with works that reflect the history of the city, not only the city. In one section, toys for children are exhibited in ancient times. The aim of the establishment of the museum is to prevent the abduction of artifacts in the first years.

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Konyaalti Beach
It is one of the most popular beaches in the city. The beach stretching from Falezler to Antalya Port has a length of 7 kilometers. 4.5 kilometers of the beach is arranged to be able to swim. The sea is sparkling and the ’Blue Flag‘ is one of the beaches in our country. The beach is quite easy to reach. Accommodation facilities and large hotels are available around the beach.

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Saklıkent Ski Resort
Antalya, even though the summer and hot weather comes to mind, even if the city has a ski resort. Saklıkent Ski Center, which is one hour from the center, can be an option for those who want to make a snow holiday. It offers accommodation and skiing facilities. It will also be a very different experience for families with children. Services such as the accommodation facilities can be used as well as by car specific to the region.

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Kurşunlu Waterfall
Kurşunlu Waterfall is 22 kilometers away from the city center and is one of the important waterfalls of Antalya. The waterfall has a height of 18 meters and remains in a 2-kilometer canyon. It consists of 7 small ponds and small and small waterfalls.

kursunlu waterfalls 1
kursunlu waterfalls


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