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About Alanya

About Alanya – Alanya is located on the eastern shore of the Antalya Gulf. İt is on the provincial border of Antalya. İt is located at the mediteranean Coast along Antalya-Mersin. The city’s center is on a peninsula with a narrow crest. Alanya’s coastline, known for its natural beaches, is surrounded by orange, mandarin and banana gardens. from earliest times Alanya combines the natural beauties of an coastal city with its rich historical heritage. İt is one of the most developed tourism centers in the region. 


alanya harbour bird viewq
Alanya harbour bird viewq


Aya Yorgi Church: Aya Yorgi (Hagios Georgios) is located in the inner castle. It is a small church belonging to the Byzantine period which was thought to have been built in the 16th century. There are traces of frescoes inside the church which preserves its main feature. İt is Protected now as a whole with the castle

During the Seljuk period, when Alaettin Keykubat conquered the castle (1221), the name of the city Changed to Alaiye. The Seljuk sultans spent the winter months in Alaiye because of their temperate climate and sheltered castle. The city developed as an important commercial port during this period. The castle was rebuilt by Sultan Alaettin I Keykubat. During the turmoil in Anatolia during the 13th century, Alaiye changed hands several times between Karamanoğulları and llhans. Mehmet passed to the Ottomans at the time. In terms of ipmortace it is necessary to count Alanya castle in the first place. The castle is located in the nose of the island. İt consists of three parts; outer, middle and inner part.

About Alanya – castle bird view


Kadıini Cave

A mass grave, estimated to be from 7,000 to 5,000 years ago, was found in the Kadıini Cave in Alanya. The Skeletons provide information about the Chalcolithic period.

kadiini cave
kadiini cave



Korakesion is the first known name in the past age. Korakesion was sometimes counted to Pamphylia and sometimes to the Kilikia region. After the death of Alexander the Great, the Alanya castle became the shelter of the pirates in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Korakesion Castle was used as a port BC In 65. The Roman commander Pompeius destroyed the Korakesion Castle and thus the piracy period ended. Although Early Christian and Byzantine periods is less, its name is known as Kalonoros (Beautiful Mountain). 

alanya castle
alanya castle


Alanya Red Tower 

Alaettin I Keykubat built the red tower east of the castle to defend the shipyard. Kızılkule is the Turkish name which means red tower. The 33-meter-high Kızılkule is an octagonal building which is still standing today. This solid tower, which dominates the harbor part of the city, is named after the dark red stones. It was built in 1226 during the reign of Alaaddin Keykubat, replacing the remains of an old castle from the Klikian pirates. The Tower ; is a unique example of Anatolian building art with its location, plan, construction technique and inscriptions. The inscription on the door of the tower, which has three inscriptions, states that it is the work of Abu Ali Reha El Kettani of Aleppo, who also built the Sinop Castle. In the other two inscriptions there are eulogies to Alaaddin Keykubat. Each wall of the octagonal planned tower is 12.5 m. width and height of 33 m. The tower consists of two open and three closed total of five floors. The tower, which was the watchman of the shipyard, was opened to visitors as an ethnography museum by a radical restoration between 1951-1953. It is connected by a long wall surrounding three separate towers and the upper castle. The tower has become a symbol of Alanya with its similar and imposing appearance in the harbor.

About Alanya
About Alanya


Selçuklu Shipyard

After Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat took Alaiye, it was built in 1228 in order to form the Mediterranean Fleet which he considers to protect the tradesmen and coastal traders in the Mediterranean. It is the only Seljuk Shipyard built in the south of the Red Tower on the sea shore with five chambers. The shipyard is 56.5 meters long and 44 meters deep and is covered with vaults. There are windows on the ceilings of the shipyard whose walls are made of hewn stone and arches and domes are made of bricks. There is a masjid on the left side and a water source behind the 3rd chamber of the shipyard with a guard room on the right side. The shipyard, which has remained intact for eight centuries, is located next to the Red Tower.

Alanya Shipyard Building
Alanya Shipyard Building



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