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About Alanya on the eastern shore of the Antalya Gulf, the city center of Alanya is located on the provincial border of Antalya. Coast of Antalya-Mersin
The city’s core is on a steep slope on a peninsula with a narrow crest.
Alanya’s coastline, known for its natural beaches, is surrounded by orange, mandarin and banana gardens. from earliest times Alanya mediteranian which combines the natural beauties of an coastal city with its rich historical heritage dating back to It is one of the most developed tourism centers in the region. Antalya is the county with the most number of plug.
The port facilitates access by sea.


alanya city cleopatra beach
alanya castle

In the archaeological research conducted in the Cave of Woman in Alanya, the ruins of the Palaeolithic Age were uncovered. known as a settlement since ancient times, the region has brought a new and important historical feature Korakesion is the first known name in the age. The Korataion was sometimes counted in Pamphylia and sometimes in the Kilikia region. Kent, Alexander the Great After his death, he became the shelter of the pirates of the Eastern Mediterranean. Korakesion Castle, during this period was developed and developed as a commercial port. BC. In 65, the Roman commander Pompeius destroyed the Korakesion Castle and thus piracy
period ended. Although information on the city, Early Christian and Byzantine periods is less, its name is Kalonoros (Beautiful Mountain) is known as. During the Seljuk period, when Alaettin I was captured by Keykubat (1221), the name of the city Changed to Alaiye. The Seljuk sultans spent the winter months in Alaiye because of their temperate climate and sheltered castle.


alanya Beach
alanya Beach

The city developed as an important commercial port during this period. The castle was rebuilt by Sultan Alaettin I Keykubat. During the turmoil in Anatolia during the 13th century, Alaiye changed hands several times between Karamanoğulları and llhans. Mehmet I passed to the Ottomans at the time. In Alanya, it is necessary to count Alanya castle in the first place.
The fortress located in the nose of the island is three parts, outer, middle and inner.

alanya tower harbour

 Alaettin I Keykubatin was built in a small neighborhood to the east of the fortress and was built to defend the shipyard and the shipyard. It is located in Kızılkule. The shipyard is built from brick, vault and arched brick.
Five eyes of the shipyard are connected to each other. The 33-meter-high Kızılkule is an octagonal building. Alanya which has reached today
The lighthouse was built in 1720 by Nevşehirli Damat Ibrahim Pasha. The Kale Mosque inside the fortress was built during the time of Alaettin I Keykubat.
It is also known as Sultan Süleyman Mosque because it was rebuilt on the old foundations by Suleiman the Magnificent. The building has a square plan. On the octagonal pulley, there is a tile covered dome. The last congregation is three tiles covered on the ground covered with a dome. There is the Akşebe Sultan Tekkesi (1230) in Içkale, near the Kale Mosque and Bedesten.

Alanya City Tour
Alanya City Tour

The ten section has a small mosque with a large arched and domed hall. In the second section of the tomb, Akşebe Sultan’s chest is larger There. In Içkale, there is also the Aya Yorgi Church, which has traces of fresco on the walls, covers a large area. in the middle around the courtyard are rooms with arched doors. Castle in Tophane, Mecdettin Cistern and the sea in Cilvarda the monastery. Some old sources such as fountains, baths and winter palaces of Alaettin l Keykubat, could not survive. Alanya Museum: The museum, where archaeological and ethnographic artifacts are exhibited, has three exhibition halls and open vaulted sections. was opened in. From prehistoric times, earthenware, sculptures, architectural fragments from the Phrygian, Lydian, Greek and Romans take place. Ethnographic works are related to the Seljuk and Ottoman periods. Manuscripts of Ottoman calligraphers examples of salounda; The works of modern Turkish painters are exhibited in the painting hall. The museum is open from 9 to 17 visits.

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