Alanya turkish Bath Hamam

Enjoy the alanya turkish bath hamam. İn an authentic atmosphare. Whole Body peeling, foam masage and whole body oil masage. 2 hours treatment are involved in the alanya wellness program. Relaxing and feeling like new born after the hamam. Enjoy your holiday in alanya and get first a whole body peeling. This peeling is good for your skin because all the old skin will be removed. Your skin can breath better again. To get all aff the skin particles out of your pours, you geta whole body foam massage. You will be wahshed like a child. Now ist time to get a whole body oil massage. The relaxing massage in the turkish bath is good for your health. İf you have tried it once, you will do it in the future again. Have a look at the video to get more impressions about the hamam.

Meaning of hamam

The meaning of the word hamam; Bathing in a hot and warm area. The meaning is similar in Turkish, Arabic and Hebrew languages. However, the bath is not limited to the meaning derived from these words alone. Thanks to the Turks, that is to say, the Turkish Bath has gained a cultural meaning as well. If we need to define it based on cultural and traditional facts; We can say that it is not only a place of washing, but also the center where health, social and cultural activities take place. If we define it with a health-oriented approach; Then it Can be defined as the place for bathing, purification and healing.

Alanya hammam tours

Some people are pronounce it as hammam tours. We just say alanya hamam instead. İt has something to do with SPA. Created with the abbreviation of Latin “Salus Per Aguam”. What is Spa? The word means comfort with water. Apart from this word, it is also commonly used in “Salus Per Aquam”. In the life of the Turks, hammam are not only a place of washing, but also centers of health, social and cultural activities. One of the vital necessities of mankind is water for health. The tradition of Turkish baths is a tradition that goes back to the Romans. The Turks who came to Anatolia joined the bathroom tradition they brought with them with the Roman and Byzantine traditions. Cleaning and hygiene rules ordered by the turks are also added. As in the world, hamam are increasingly becoming more popular in our and alanya hamam treatments and massages are becoming popular. But what do you think SPA means. what benefits does it have ? Massage, rehabilitation of a sick or tired body; is a form of therapy based on the principle that the mechanical energy from organism is getting tired and in order to return to the same old state, you get treated with water. İt creates deep physiological effects.

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DEPARTURE TIMEPickup time from hotel 10.00 am.
RETURN TIMEApproximately 13:00 PM.
WEARSwim clothing
Professional terapisttransport



10.00 AM – 13:00 PM: Alanya Turkish Bath Hamam

  • Wellness
  • Masage
  • Hamam

10.00 AM – 13:00 PM : Turkish Bath Hamam Alanya

Alanya hamam turkisch bath

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