Pamukale from alanya

discover on the way to pamukkale from alanya the typical old villages hidden in the superb unspoilt Taurus mountains and enjoy the ride through the very nice beautiful taurus mountains with green forests and small blue lakes. Explore as a highlight the most impressive sights of Turkey, resulting in thousands of limestone terraces of Pamukkale. Pamukkale is litaraly a cotton castle, a shimmering white cascade formed by limestone-laden, formed stalagtites and wholes and terasses, magical fairy tables created through hot thermal water.  İt has been said that the water of Pamukkale is good agains different kind of illnesses. The water is healing eyes, skin illneses, asthma, rheumatism and dermatitis.

İt is exhilarating to paddle through while gazing the ancient fragment of columns under the warm water. As much interesting as the bath is you will not miss to visit  the ancient city Hierapolis with its unique grave sites, theater, Necropolis, romam bath, Agora and many more. On this two-day trip to learn both nature and culture in pamukkale as well as tradition country and people. The Pamukkale Tour returns through the impressive Taurus mountains where you can enjoy the great scenery of the mountain villages, lakes and districts during the journey.


These white stone terasses from pamukkale, formed by chemical reaction post-precipitation due to various causes and environments. Geological events that have caused the thermal source of Pamukkale which affects a large area. In this region there are 17 hot water areas with temperatures ranging from 35-100 degrees Celsius. Pamukkale thermal source is a unit within the regional potential. The source has been used since antiquity.

The name of the Hierapolis thermal settlement is the Holy City in the archaeological literature. Due to the presence of the temple, building and hot water sources in the city.
During the Roman period the city became an important medical center. Thanks to its thermal springs and the patients from many parts of Anatolia with the intention of healing. The Roman Necropolis is mostly made up of the graves  and contains cultural diversity. The Nimfeum (Antique Fountain) in Hierapolis and Roman baths were built due to this characteristic of the city and these buildings are still there.

Pamukkale from alanya is a Tour with  many great impressions

Pamukkale is Located in the Aegean region, 19 km north of the city of Denizli. İt is a tourist center, famous for its white travertines. Pamukkaleone belongs to one of the arms of the Büyük Menderes River. Hot mineral water sources and travertines from the rubble brought the region into a world famous tourism center. Geological events that have caused the thermal source of Pamukkale to affect the large area. In the region, there are 17 hot water areas with temperatures ranging from 35 ° C to 100 ° C. Pamukkale thermal source is a unit within the regional potential. Hot water resources in the region have been used since ancient times.

Mineral waters with a calcite content of 33 ° C-35 ° C, flowing out of the mineral water sources and flowing into the area where the travertines are formed, and transformed into the resultant calcite of the carbon dioxide gas as soon as they reach the surface from the fault line in the region. With the continuous repetition of this phenomenon, the region has an image resembling a pile of white cotton. For this reason, the region was named Pamukkale. Pamukkale needs water from mineral water sources in order to sustain this magnificent white appearance;
Pamukkale travertines are spread over a wide area of ​​4 km in width and height. The ancient Hierapolis town is near the travertines. Besides these, there are other travertines 5 km away from Pamukkale. These are in contrast to Pamukkale. The source water that has been used to irrigate the pavement has formed white, yellow, green, red, purple and brown travertines resulting from the surface mining of the carbonic acid-dissolving minerals.

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DEPARTURE TIME departure at 5:00 AM.
RETURN TIME The day after, approximately 6:30 PM
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hat,  sunscreen.
Guide breakfast, evening meal
Shelters Transportation
Thermal Bath

Have a Swim in the warm thermal baths of pamukkale.

Pamukkale DAY 1

09:15 meeting in Isparta intersection
09:30 departure
10:15 Karacaören Dam (Tea + Photo Pause)
10:30 departure
12:00 lunch
13:00 departure
15:15 Pamukkale Arrival
15:45 Hierapolis Ancient City (necropolis + Domitianstor)
16:15 Free stay (limestone terraces)
17:15 Departure to the hotel
19:00 dinner


07:00 Awakening
08:00 Departure from Pamukkale – Hotel
08:15 Free stay (Red Sources visit)
09:15 departure
10:00 amphitheater
11:00 departure
12:00 Carpet manufacture
13:30 lunch
14:30 departure
16:00 Korkuteli Break
17:30 departure
17:45 Antalya Arrival


• Swimwear for the famous thermal waters in pamukkale
• Camera & Camcorder
• Light clothing (spring and autumn, jacket or sweater)


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