Manavgat boat trip

Manavgat Boat Trip from alnaya. The manavgat boat trip is connected with the city of manavgat. İt has three attractions to offer. On the manavgat boat trip you will discover the turquoise water of the Manavgat River, the waterfall of the river and of course the well-known and at the same time the largest Bazaar of the southern Turkey. Relax in connection with a boat ride to the mouth of the Manavgat River. With a little luck you can watch the numerous river turtles in a natural setting. For strengthening a tasty Meal waiting for you and also a swim time is given for two hours before going by bus to the famous Manavgat waterfall. This is an ideal trip for the whole family and ideal on hot days.

Manavgat bazaar

Stroll through the colorful weekly Manavgat bazaar and be enchanted by the traditional atmosphere. Haggle on the Manavgat bazaar get the lowest rates for fragrant oriental spices, tasty teas and all sorts of textiles. This bazaar is the biggest on the mediteranean coast and you can find hear all kind of souveniers, textiles, spices and many more things to good prices. You will have 2 hours of free time on the bazaar to discover all kind of articles.

Manavgat boat tour

We will start with the Manavgat boat tour Only a few kilometers away from Side is Manavgat. Inhale the cool and clean air of this city with the manavgat boat tour. You will like the Manavgat waterfall for this day’s sightseeing. Although the Manavgat waterfalls are not very high, the waters flow with great force over the rocks. After visiting the Manavgat waterfalls and having a small break, your bus will fulfill the waiting for you to be driven to the bazaar. Here comes what comes to mind; vegetables, fruits, spices, dried fruits and all kinds of clothing and souvenirs. After this basaar visit, you will arrive at a place where you pass through the fish farms through the Manavgat river and into the sea where the river meets the sea. A place where the river Manavgat meet with the sea … You know that Istanbul is not like the Dardanelles. Taste is like the Red Sea. A line in the middle … Open your arms, side by side, river flows alongside you on a side of the sea. Even the shimmers are different. Each square has a hidden square. Food service is also available on the boat from 30 to 150 people. Fun does not have a limit. Sometimes we have live music, sometimes dancer entertainment. After a delicious lunch and a swim, we are taking you back to your holiday Hotel.


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Enjoy the sun and the sea.

END TIMEApproximately 5:00 PM.
WEARbath clothes towel and sunscreen.
photo cd, ice

8.30 AM – 09.00 AM: Transportation

Gethering from the hotels.
  • Every Guest will be taken from the hotel
  • You will be driven to your hotel at the and of the tour
  • Pickup times will vary depanding on your exact location

8.00 AM – 9.00 AM: Transportation

pick up from the hotels

9.30 AM - 11.30 AM: Manavgat Bazaar

Time to shopping on one of the biggest bazaars

12.00 AM - 1.00 PM: Boat trip manavgat river

wonderful landscape

1.00 PM - 2.00 PM: lunch

enjoy the nice meal 

2.00 PM - 4.00 PM swimming


4.30 PM - 5.00 PM manavgat waterfalls


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