Lets go to Cappadocia from Alanya

Come to discover Cappadocia from alanya. Starting point alanya. One of the most scenic regions of Turkey is cappadocia. Marvel at the unique landscape with its bizarre tufa stone formations. Dive into a sea of colors from warm red, bright gold and cool green. A strange world which will inspire your imagination. Visit Cappadocia highlights. Numerous hidden monasteries and churches and millennium old Cave Cities under the ground. Walk in the paths of early Christianity in the Fairy tale like valleys of the region of cappadocia.

Underground cities from Cappadocia

Underground cities from cappadocia are unique in the world. These are works of perfect technique. Ventilation systems surprise visitors even today with air circulation tunnels. Safety and security systems, entry and exit with interesting techniques. Walls in the ground and garbage collection mechanisms. The places are carved from the rocks. Especially underground cities, are the most important cultural riches of Cappadocia. These settlements were abundant in the early ages; winter is cold, summer is hot; this the best example of assessing the possibilities and limitations of human nature in a treeless, forestless geography.

It is not known when the underground cities were first built. Some investigations point to the use of underground cities, especially in the first floors, where entrances and exits to the place are décor like the neolithic devin house type. In addition, an eagle sculpture of the Hittites in the underground city of Derinkuyu, a square-shaped temple belonging to the Phrygian at the entrance of the Mazi underground city. The sacred signs of Kibele. From here it can be said that underground cities are the oldest settlements of the region. On the other hand, it is not certain that underground cities are used for shelter in the event of danger, or are permanent living spaces. It is impossible to date these cities for reasons such as being used by every living civilization in the region and expanding by adding new spaces. It is generally thought that the first floor settlements are the oldest settlements.

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Depending on the weather, the possibility for voluntary Balloon flight over Cappadocia.

START TIMEPlease arrive by 5:00 AM.
END TIMEApproximately 7:30 PM. ( after 3 days)
WEARComfortable athletic clothing, comfortable boots, hat, sunscreen.
Professional instructortransfer
Guidebreakfast, dinner

Visit Cappadocia highlights. Numerous hidden monasteries and churches and millennium old Cave Cities under the ground.

Photo breaks
Visit the caravansary + Sea (Obruk Hani)
Visit Pigeon Valley
watchtower in Uçhisar
Photo break in Pasabag valley
(optional Turkish night and ballooning)
Göreme Museum
Kaymakli Underground city
Break (in Sultanhani)
Akseki intersection


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