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Alanya Jeep Safari Tour

About Alanya Safari Tour

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Have fun with Alanya Safari

Alanya Safari

Alanya Safari is one of the most popular entertainment tours of the last years. İt is well organized in Alanya. You can enjoy the unique natural beauties of Alanya. You will have fun, adrenalin and excitement. You can see Alanya from the bird view from the mountains hill. You will complete the day with fun with your loved ones. Alanya Safari start with the guests taking in the morning from their hotels. The tour starts with jeeps prepared specially for Safari.


During the whole round the vehicles move as a convoy.
People who use the vehicles are well-informed and specially trained drivers. Authorized and certified drivers complete the tour without neglecting driving safety. For example, it is forbidden for a vehicle to cross the other vehicle and this rule will not be broken unless it is really necessary. The drivers who make the tender cannot use the vehicles of that tour again. Therefore, all drivers are very careful. The vehicles are equipped with all equipment for emergency response. You can also get the answer to your question because they know the region well.

About Alanya Safari Tour 1

Things to Watch During Alanya Safari

During the exciting Alanya safari we will stop at the mountain Terrace. Here you can take photos of Alanya from the bird view. The lunch break is given in Dimçayı. Dimçayı is worth seeing with ice-cold water. More importantly, it is the dining tables installed on the water. Those who can withstand the coldness of the water can swim here. They can act as they wish. Anyone can do his / her own activity during the break. After a meal, rest for a while and then get back on the road. The nice villages on the road are visited. You can buy the souvenirs made by the villagers and give your loved ones the gift of a safari. So Village houses, schools and mosques can be visited during this trip. Here is a very different life as from the center of Alanya. You can see a real village life in Turkey.

alanya jeep safari 06596
alanya jeep safari 06596

Alanya Off-Road Tour

Alanya is one of the most beautiful coastal districts of Antalya. İt is a region with fame all over the world. To be accurate Alanya in general, it can be said that it contains all the features needed for a nice holiday. On the one hand, there are bays that are subject to be legends and on the other hand the beautiful city itself and the taurus mountains. İt contains historical buildings belonging to various civilizations that have ruled for thousands of years in the region.

The smiling face of the local people, who make their living from tourism and fishing, is another plus of Alanya. Alanya has an important population in terms of the number of people living here in the winter. A significant portion of the total number of people living in Alanya in summer is foreigners. Resident foreigners have a significant proportion in the population. Holiday resorts are offering many activities for holidaymakers. The fact that the tourism culture is settled, allows Alanya residents to find anything they need. A lot of activities can be made during the season. For example Boat tours, safari tours, night entertainment and beautiful beaches are the pluses that make Alanya different.

alanya jeep safari 94
alanya jeep safari 94

Things to Know About Alanya Safari

There are some safety rules to follow during the tour. These will be explained to you before you start your Safari tour. We can list these security rules as follows;

• Suspending from vehicles is absolutely a violation of safety,
• Seat belts must be fitted,
• It is important to avoid any movement that distracts the drivers,
• It is important not to insist on drivers to go outside the rules,
• It is inconvenient to go outside the areas that are told to you,
• Compliance with safety rules is necessary for both you and other people’s safety.

alanya jeep safari 438
alanya jeep safari 438

Alanya Safari with Entertainment

When the Alanya Safari is over, you will have an experience you have never experienced before. At the end of the tour, you will be left to the point where you were first taken. In this way, you will be able to return to your accommodation without transportation problems. The nature of bird sounds and the time you spend with the smell of clear forest will not come out of your mind for years. You will even look for the effects of this tour on other holidays. In fact, it is necessary to say that the feeling left by Alanya is always different. While the safari tour gives you the opportunity to experience another entertainment, the texture of Alanya will increase your nice feeling.

For the tour you can wear spare clothes if you want. In particular, because you are likely to get wet during the water fights. İt is enough for you to carry at least one spare top. We advise you to wear sandals as you go out to nature. Slippers can cause slippage and fall problem. If the soles of your sandals are made of non-slip material, a more advantageous situation will arise for you. Because you’ll be out all day, your sunglasses will be a great savior for you. Make sure they are with you before you start the tour. All of the tour rules are designed to protect your safety and health, and their compliance significantly reduces the risks.

alanya castle bird view

Beautiful Alanya Trips

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About Alanya Trips

Alanya Trips can be made in the holiday destination at the Mediterranean Region, where tourism is intense. İt is connected to the province of Antalya. Alanya is one of the most populated districts of Antalya and is listed as one of the most prefered place where people make theri holiday. In this tourism region toursits have plenty of choice for accommodation. People do not have any problems in finding a place to stay regarding their economic situation.

Alanya Tours
About Alanya Trips

The camping areas in Alanya offer beautiful areas for people who do not want to stay at the hotel with their tents or caravans. Alanya is a holiday resort that offers many different alternatives to those who come to the sea and nature. If you wish, you can choose to sunbathe and you can also participate in other activities like Alanya Trips. In terms of sports, people also offer good facilities. The Presidential Cycling Tour is a tour starting from Alanya and attracts a lot of people.

Alanya Bicycle tour
Alanya Bicycle tour

Alanya Attractions

Alanya is a very rich place in terms of sightseeing to visit. Because many civilizations ruled here and left everything here. The old name Alaiye for Alanya offers interesting facilities for people to visit as well as beautiful facilities for taking pictures. Alanya’s history dates back to the 20th century BC. The fact that it hosted different civilizations made it a cradle of civilizations. The most important Alanya places to see;

Alanya Castle and City Walls
• Shipyard building
• Red Tower
• Alanya Archeology Museum
• Alanya Atatürk House Museum
• Laertes Antique City
• Ancient City of Syedra
• The Mountains
• Dim Cave and Dim Stream

The most preffered Alanya Trips:

Alanya Castle and walls; Although it remains under the sovereignty of many countries, it is still trying to stand still today. It is extremely difficult to reach both land and sea by the time it is used. The parts which can still be seen today are nowadays thanks to the works carried out by Alaaddin Keykubat. Museum card holders have the opportunity to enter and travel here without paying the entrance fee. Or you pay a little fee to see it.

Alanya City Tour
Alanya City Tour

Alanya Shipyard Building; It was built by Sultan Keykubat in 1228. Together with the construction of this place, Sultan Keykubat received the title of ‘Sultan of the two seas’. The building, which was used until 1960, opens its doors to people as a museum in the area of ​​maritime and navigation.

Alanya Boat Tours
About Alanya Trips

Alanya Red Tower; The tower, built in the 13th century, is one of the best examples of defense. This building was also built by Sultan Keykubat. This tower was built to protect both the shipyard and the fortress from sea attacks. This is one of the most interesting strukture to see at one of our Alanya Trips.

Beautiful Alanya Trips 2
Alanya Trips

Alanya Archeology Museum; There are two separate parts. Archaeological and entographic sections of the works. The items exhibited in these sections were revealed as a result of excavations in the region. It is located near the Damlataş cave. Museum card is valid.

Alanya museum
Alanya museum

Alanya Laertes Ancient City; It is an ancient city founded at the entrance of the Dim Valley. The sea level is 800 meters. However, there is also a port. It is emphasized that it was from the 7th century BC. Since this place has not been turned into a museum yet, there is no fee or hour to visit. You can go here with your own car.

Alanya Historical tours
Alanya Historical tours

Alanya Ancient City of Syedra; It is located close to the ancient city of Leadres. This means that you can travel both places on the same day. It is about 400 meters above sea level and can be supplied as much as the foundation date until the 7th century BC. You don’t have to pay any fees here.

Alanya Syedra Tour
Alanya Syedra Tour

Alanya Boat Tours; Alanya is one of the most enjoyable moments of the holiday. Many unnamed bays and sea caves offer the possibility to see these boat tours. It is the first choice of people who want to enjoy the sea and live different holiday entertainments.

Alanya boa tour
Alanya boat tour

Alanya Dim Cave and Dim Tour; Cebeli is a cave located west of Reis Mountain. Consisting of 4 different galleries is known as the second biggest cave for tourism in Turkey. The temperature in the cave never changes. In summer and winter it is always 18 degrees.

Alanya Dim Cave tour
Alanya Dim Cave tour

Accommodation in Alanya

Alanya is a holiday resort with a wide range of facilities. Serving with many hotels and pensions, Alanya welcomes people with extremely good facilities. In Alanya, people can find accommodation in very expensive hotels and they can also benefit from more affordable lodgings. For hotels that are near the sea and have their own beach, prices may be slightly higher. People who prefer natural environments rather than hotel accommodation can also prefer camping areas in Alanya. Boutique hotels are one of the places where people can stay at affordable rates and easily reach the sea. Those who prefer camping areas will be more connected to nature and may be away from the city center.

Beautiful Alanya Trips 3
About Alanya trips

Food and Drink in Alanya

There is a kitchen understanding that the vegetables are mainly used. Wheat is a cereal product especially used in Alanya cuisine in different ways. For people who visit here, it is a kind of citrus shell jam that can be a different taste. Yarpuzlu akdarı soup, ilibada wrap, country dinner are the highlights of the region. However, you can also find international cuisine in the hotels. Besides the local cuisine, the big hotels that serve the tastes of different countries also take care of the taste of tourists. As a venue, Lokanta Su is an extremely good place and you can have a pleasant dinner with live music in the garden setting. Those who consider preferring to fish are also able to evaluate the possibilities of Cabari Fish restaurant.

Alanya by night tour
About Alanya Trips

Nightlife Tours in Alanya

Alanya Nightlife is also extremely important for people who like to vacation. Alanya is a place with different alternatives in nightlife. Especially in the summer months, holiday makers flocked to this region and many entertainment venues continue to serve until late at night. Mini bars and restaurants on the beach allow people to enjoy their time. For people who don’t want to spend time in clupplanes and who are looking for a quieter place, cafes serving non-alcoholic people also offer entertainment to people.

Beautiful Alanya Trips 4
Alanya Disco tour

Festivals And Special Days In Alanya

It is a fun place for festivals and events. International festivals such as International Tourism and Art Festival, Alanya International Jazz Days, Presidential Cycling Tournament and International Alanya Triathlon are among these festivals. Since the dates of each festival and event are different, you can prepare your holiday period by taking these special days into consideration. Alanya is a rich holiday resort. Because the days are full, vacationers don’t have to be bored or feel idle.

Alanya Bicycle tour
Alanya Bicycle tour

How to Get to Alanya?

You can try different ways to go to Alanya. Going to Alanya with your own car is an extremely comfortable and comfortable option. However, non-intermediaries can benefit from the facilities offered by bus companies. Those who depart from Istanbul to go to Alanya will have to go about 10 hours. By air, this time is limited to approximately 50 minutes. Antalya or Gazipaşa airport can be used as airport. However, due to the fact that the airports are far away from Alanya, this option should not be taken into consideration. There is no train to Alanya. For this reason, your transportation options may be limited.

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alanya buggy safari tour

Alanya Buggy safari tour

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Have fun and action with our Alanya Buggy safari tour

alanya buggy safari tour is one of the most interesting adventure Alanya tours.  İt shows all the beauties of nature and forest. While having adrenaline with the vehicles offroad and at the same time living the nature. It is one of the most beautiful organizations you can do on your holiday.

Also included a nice swim break in a river. You can jump in the river if you want. İt is refreshing. The buggy safari is exactly right for our guests who are seeking adrenaline. The Alanya  buggy safari is driven in groups and is very enjoyable.

alanya buggy safari 56
alanya buggy safari 56

Alanya buggy safari tour will bring your excitement to the peak

Anyone over 16 years of age can drive. Anyone under 16 years of age can join with an adult. It will be a lot of dust a lot of fun and excitement. After arriving in the base station your guide will explain you how to use the buggy and some general rules. Full instruction from professional guides, easy to operate Buggys İf you have any questions you can ask the guide.

Helmet and ellbow protection will be given. After introduction a test drive will be made. İf you feel good and you are comfortable with the buggy we start our safari. Our team will record your best moments to the camera while driving your buggies. You can watch your video after driving Buggy safari from Alanya.

alanya buggy safari tour
alanya buggy safari tour

Reasons why you should make the safari

fascinating trip into a nice nature and a great opportunity to admire the panoramas of the Taurus Mountains. Alanya  Buggy Safari tour is great for you if you like action with roads and trails in the mountains to be mastered. İt becomes wet with the river and extremly funny.

Join this tour to make your holiday even more memorable. Adventure leads to remember things longer. It’s safe route that is in the Taurus mountain, positive emotions.  During the movement you will overcome tens of kilometers of mountain off-road, you are also waiting for several stops in picturesque places. We invite you to 20 km of exciting driving pleasure.

alanya buggy safari
alanya buggy safari tour

Keep in mind

Wear:  glasses, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, a handkerchief to protect your face from dust and dirt. Bathing suit, because in our program we stop for swimming in a nice river.

İf you have a child, you can take them with you and they can sit beside you. No drivers license is required. During the whole safari you will be recorded on camera on certain spots. After the tour you can watch yourself and decide to purchase it for a greate memory if you want.

Our buggies are all in good shape and secure. During the drive a technician will drive with us. İn case help is needed for repair. Our routs are carefully choosen for your action and fun. You are in secure hands since only experience guide are coming with you and guiding the group.

Alanya Buggy Safari tour, WhatsApp reservation: 00905444101017 Rafet Kav

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alanya rafting tour

Alanya Rafting Tour

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Alanya Rafting Tour best moments in your holiday

Alanya Rafting Tour is action and fun for the whole family. Enjoy the nature and the adrenaline. Experienced guides will be with you. So you can enjoy the toru even more. first af all we will take you up from your hotel in and around of alanya. After alanya rafting adventure tour we will also bring you back to your hotel. We pick you up between 08:00 – 09:00 am. This depends on your pickup lockation. At the arrival point for Alanya Rafting  we will give you an instruction in your language. As a result you will be fit for the ride. After rafting instruction is finish we will provide you, your rafting equipment. Therefore you will be safe on the river.

Alanya Rafting 23
Alanya Rafting 23

İs Alanya Rafting Popular ?

Alanya Rafting is very popular among Alanya tours and fun sports for tourists. We make the tour up of groups with a guide inside the raft.  Everyone  sits along the sides of the boat. You can decide to go with a team. Fun and excitement shared by all member of the group. İf you want you can take also a boat for two persons on your own, without guide. Underway of the rafting tour you will see great nature, turquise coloured river and also an ancient bridge from the roman time. You will most of all have the oportunity to jump in the water from a rock and enjoy the Alanya Rafting Adventure Tour even more. While you jump in the river you will be recorded.

Alanya Rafting 25
Alanya Rafting 25

What is included in the Alanya Rafting Tour

İncludet in Alanya rafting  is a turkish meal with salad in a nice place in the mountains. This is a perfect introduction to water sports and also a good way to spend a day with friends, family and knowing new people..etc. Underway on the river we will stop and play animation games. During the whole drive of alanya rafting on the river we will record you on camera. You can watch the video after your ride and you can decide to buy the video or not. Thanks to the weather conditions there are many opportunities to take part of Alanya Rafting activity.

Alanya Rafting 27
Alanya Rafting 27

Equipment for Alanya Rafting Adventure Tour

The Rafting company will provide eqipment like : Neoprene, wet jacket, helmet, life jacket. The participants always will need to bring: swimming suit and towel. For sure the best season to do Alanya rafting is in Spring time, it means April, May, June, where you can find more action. You can make your holiday unforgetable with the Alanya rafting tour. Alanya is one of the best region to do Rafting. Alanya Beşkonak is the location for rafting, with a better volume of water and a great variety of canyons. The rivers are qualified for everyone. The degree of dificulty for Alanya Rafting Adventure Tour is most of all easy.

Alanya Rafting 26
Alanya Rafting 26

Raft Adventure for adrenaline seekers

Fort the Raft Adventure Tour we will take you from your adress or from your  desired place. 30 km around of alanya. After the alanya raft adventure tour you will be driven back to your destination. Tour starting time is between 08:00 – 09:00 am. Pickup time varies from your adres where you have your accomadation. At the base station in Raft Adventure Tour you will get  instructions from the Professional guide in your own language. After the rafting instructions are finish, your equipment will be provided to you.

Beskonak river is perfect  for Rafting. it is the most popular water sports for adventure seekers. The adventure tour starts with groups of people in a special boat with a guide inside.  Everyone is sitting along the sides of the boat if you want to go with a team. Action, Adventure together with the rest of the group. You can also have a two man boat on your own. This is without guide. A great nature is waiting of you underway you can admire the nice surroundings, turquise coloured water, an ancient bridge over the river.

Alanya Rafting 24
Alanya Rafting 24

Jumping in the river is also a great opportunity to refresh, enjoy water. Raft Adventure means also a delicious meal is waiting for you after the river ride. This is a great way to have a good time with your friends or your family. We will have also a stop for playing games, some animations. Perfect moments for our team to record your best moments on cam. You can watch the record, if you want for a nice holiday memory.

When is the best time for this Alanya Tour

To take part of raft adventure there will be many oportunities, because most of the time we have nice weather. Alanya is one of the best regions to do Rafting. Alanya Beşkonak is the location, to which we will go. İf you want to have a great time, a nice ride on the river this is just right for you. The tour is qualified for everyone. The degree of dificulty for Alanya Rafting Adventure Tour is easy and funny. The equipment  is provided by the raft adventure company: Neoprene, life jacket, helmet. What will you need to wear or bring with you : swimming suit, towel, dry underwear. Who needs more action should make the tour in spring time. it means April, May,when the water level is even higher.

Do you offer Rafting Trips from elsewhere ?

Yes we can organise Rafting Trips for you : Antalya Rafting, Manavgat Rafting, Side Rafting, Alanya Rafting.

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Alanya Aquapark 1

Alanya Aquapark

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Alanya Aquapark

The Alanya Aquapark is one of the fun Alanya Tours with the biggest area for Water slides. With 2000 people daily capacity. The Turkish Mediterranean region invites you to fun, Action and adventure. Both for young and for adults. Unlimited fun in the sun with many slides and pools.

Take your water resistent cam to make some incredible holiday photos. This Tour is for the whole family. You will have some unforgottable moments. Your kids will have a lot to tell when they back from holiday.  You can have adventurous fun with rafting or relax with sea view from the forest. Pump your adrenalin with bungee jumping and slides.

What to expect at the Alanya Aquapark

Alanya Tours brings you to the fun park with 24 slides. Each one more fun and exciting than the other. There is something for everybody. From easy to extream. Family fun with the Family Slide. High speed excitement with the Kamikaze. 4 people side by side at the Multi Slide. Taking you to another dimension with its special design; The Black Hole.

Up and down and again with the Slope Slide. Kids Slides for kids fun Rafting on a 300 meter course with artificial waves. Wave pool for cooling and refreshment. Mini golf for relaxing, kids pool with fun toys. bungee jumping from 70 meters high for adrenalin seekers. Graet foam parties at the disco inside the aquapark. Terrace for the sun and sea view and many more.

Water Planet Alanya food and bavarage

You can enjoy also the mediteranean sea at the Water Planet Alanya. Because after a few steps you are on the beach. Food and bavarage are available on the snackbar. Bars and Services  like Fast Food, Rafting Bar, Disco Bar, Jumping Bar and Activity Bar are ready with quality and delicious food and drinks. There are also market, souvenir, tattoo and photo shops for our guests special needs. Showers, changing rooms, free safes and health care. Aquapark Bars : Snack Bar – Jumping Bar – Rafting Bar – Aktive Bar.

Just perfect for Children aqua park alanya

You will like the Aqua Park alanya which his in a clear sunny sky to the warm mediteranean water. Watch in your children’s eyes and see the lucky eyes whilst they play in their special Aqua Park area. Our various slides and pools are designed to meet all your expectations in a great location. Take part in Artificial Rafting with our boats, fight against the waves in our wave pool, enjoy the fun. Alanya Aquapark staff is happy to serve you all day as if you were at your comfortable home and you are at your own entertainment center.


Alanya Aquapark is indispensable for entertainment enthusiasts who decide to spend their holiday in Alanya. The Aquapark, which is especially preferred by children and those who do not grow up, appeals to all ages with a capacity of 2000 people. Alanya Aquapark is located in Okurcalar village, where you will spend your time with plenty of fun outside of a regular holiday.

With 24 different slides designed for children and adults, with rafting parquet, bungee jumping, wave pool, open air disco and sea view terrace among the indispensables of sea lovers, you can have fun during the day. We think there is no valid reason not to participate in the Alanya Aquapark activities which invite you to the waterplanet, the water planet and the refreshing entertainment of hot summer days.


Aquapark appeals to all age groups of people who want to have fun. Whether you want to relax in the forest with a view of the sea or want to experience adrenaline, contact us to have a happy holiday with Alanya Aquapark. You can find rafting opportunities in the artificial river located in the aquapark, and live adrenalin peak by bungeejumping (extra).


24 slides in different properties of Alanya Aquapark are giving you unforgettable minutes of fun. Besides the options like Amly Slide, Balckhole, Slope Slide, Kamikaze, Multi Slide are waiting for you for breathtaking speed buffs. There are also slides specially designed for children, Kids Slides contribute to family fun.


Our first preference for holiday is the magic nature of the green and blue of nature. Alanya Aquapark is a wonderful entertainment center nested with nature. The Aquapark, which will make your vacationing and entertaining, offers you the opportunity to enjoy the sun on the sun loungers between the lush trees.

Take a short break and enjoy the holiday,  go to the top of the fun, we are at your service for the Aquapark tour, comfortable services and professional team. We take you away from our hotels with our shuttles for this great entertainment and go for the Aquapark. With magnificent views of the sea and countless complimentary treats, you deserve to pamper yourself.  You can contact our company for Alanya Aquapark tour.


Our guests are taken from Mahmutlar, Kestel, Oba, Alanya center, Konakli, Payallar, Türkler, Avsallar, İncekum, Okurcalar. Tour reception hours will be announced to our guests by phone or e-mail after reservation is made.


(08-: 00-09: 30) Our guests are taken from their places depending to the region of your hotel
(16: 00-16: 30) Leave our guests to their hotel

It is open between 10:00 and 17:00.
There are 24 slides.
Bungeejumping and rafting activities are at an additional cost.

Round trip transfer
Lunch and soft drink

All kinds of personal expenses, purchases (photographs, souvenirs, etc …)

Towel, bathing suit
Sun cream, sunglasses
Money for personal needs

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WhatsApp reservation: 00905444101017 Rafet Kavak