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City trips Alanya

City trips Alanya, Looking for a holiday destination. Alanya combines luxury and adventure. If you are interested in 5 star resorts. Lazing on the beach and drinking cocktails. You want atching the sunset but also an adventurous escape. This is a chance to have a once in a lifetime experience. Alanya is a great place to visit. Combine both relaxation and adventure tours. luxury and experiences by opting for an Alanya quad safari or City trips Alanya.

City trips Alanya

Where is Alanya

Alanya is a beach resort city and a component district of Antalya Province. İt is on the southern coast of Turkey. Alanya is in the country’s Mediterranean Region, 138 kilometres (86 mi) east of the city of Antalya. Situated on a small peninsula into the Mediterranean Sea below the Taurus Mountains. Alanya has been a local stronghold for many Mediterranean-based empires. İncluding the Ptolemaic, Seleucid, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires. Alanya’s greatest political importance came in the Middle Ages. With the Seljuk Sultanate, under the rule of Alaeddin Kayqubad. From whom the city derives its name. His building campaign resulted in many of the city’s landmarks. Such as the Kızıl Kule (Red Tower), Tersane (Shipyard), and Alanya Castle.


What can you discover ?

City trips in Alanya are very common and liked. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate in alanya. Natural attractions, and historic heritage. Alanya is a popular destination for tourism, and responsible for nine percent of Turkey’s tourism sector and thirty percent of foreign purchases of real estate in Turkey. Other than the historical sights Alanya also has other events that may attract tourists such as Warm-weather sporting events and cultural festivals which take place annually in Alanya.

City Trips

Alanya city trips  drive to the most beautiful places which Alanya provides. Visit the historical sights or majestic beaches or take the opportunity to take part in life changing activities. Such as scuba diving, swimming with dolphins or a boat trip. An example of an Alanya City Tour could be a trip to the Alanya Castle and the ancient city including a little boat trip around the peninsula. If you opt to go on a Friday the tour includes a trip to the friday bazaar. Two hours to explore the  city of Alanya. Eat a delicious meal on the river bank and see the impressive cave in the taurus mountain.

City trips Alanya Cheap and Quality Tours Excursions

Alanya Quad Safari

A must do besides City trips in Alanyas is Alanya quad safari. Its a great tour to  have fun and an action. You need not to worry if you have no experience because instructions are given. And a test drive takes place. For further protection on a quad safari from Alanya, helmets, knee and elbow protectors are provided. The Alanya Quad Safari adventure includes a 30 km Quad drive in the Taurus Mountains. The route includes driving through dust, over stone and sticks and through water. At the 15 km mark of the Quad Safari you will take a break at the famous Dimçay river where you can swim and jump from a 3 m tower into the water. If you are less adventurous but still want to enjoy the wildlife you can opt for a jeep safari or a fishing tour. Whatever you choose Alanya is a great place to discover new things.


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