Alanya Jeep Safari tour dusty and funny


Alanya  Jeep Safari  tour is just an exciting  event

the alanya jeep safari tour is hosted by country tours.  4 wheelers come to roll the rough terrain of the backcountry in the taurus mountain. Although its title does say it’s a jeep safari. Of couse it is but the taurus mountain has to offer a lot of small nice villages. So it is also a kind of cultural experience. The jeep  safari Alanya tour  lasts for 7 hours full of adventure and fun.

Alanya jeep safari tour Expeditions

When going  off road action with this tour, you can not drive the jeep for security issues. We will provide professional drivers. We will pick you up usually early in the day between 08:00 – 09:00 am, from your hotel. Hotels are collected. Then we will give instructions for the jeep safari alanya tour and regulations. (i.e. stay on the trail, avoid walking on protected soil, etc.). Groups will then head out to the alanya safari tour for the whole day. Groups from the jeep safari alanya tour will usually stop around noon at 1:00 P.M. for a lunch break. Drivers and passengers usually chat, take pictures, or do some work on their Jeep/4X4 vehicle. Once lunch is completed you will take off again.

 Alanya jeep safari tour İs easy and funny

All our jeep safari tour is considered to be fun. There fore it is easy and save for everyone. Also for inexperienced jeep safari tour joiner. Especially because you will have an experienced driver from alanya. For the jeep safari  Alanya, the vehicles are 4×4 for forest trails, with the necessary accompaniment of professional drivers. The taurus mountains of alanya are a great opportunity for those who like adventure and off-road jeep safari. We drive through the  taurus Mountains, a range with many peaks, the highest place will be about 1200 m about the sea level.

The well – known plateau of sightseeing place seğir terası between the peaks will be a great opportunity for great photos. These stations are awaiting you :  The river crossing, the route on forest roads, visits to houses, mosque and all the attractions that are on the way. With a variety of routes in grat vegetation and breathtaking landscapes. This will provide a unique experience in a place where the mountain meets the sea. The story of the legend and the culture with tradition.

Alanya jeep safari tour are for all ages without any limit

Alanya  Jeep Safari Adventure tour You can just enjoy the tour ! We will pick you up from your hotel or any other place convenient to you and will also drive you back! Arrangements can be made for small or large groups.

Alanya Jeep Safari tour is great adventure to the taurus mountains with 4×4 jeeps cabriole Suzuki. All cars are insured. Multilingual personnel-guides : German,English ,Russian. 2 Coffee stops,mountain Barbeque  turkish salad, turkish bread, Meat or chicken

Discover the other side of Alanya

If you think you’ve seen everything in alanya or want to discover the other side of alanya, this tour is right for you. A great and fun way of discovering Alanya in jeep safari style. This amazing tour of alanya, down some of alanyas  secret rouagh roads, takes you to view points and beaches you never dreamt of. The alanya Jeep Safari team assures you a safe jeep safari in alanya. During the tour the multilingual guides share stories and information about alanyas flora & fauna. There are stops to take in the beauty of the mountains for your camera.

There will be a break for lunch which is included in the price at a popular local restaurant in the mountains. After lunch the tour continues and allows time for a refreshing swim at one of the most beautiful places in the nature of Alanya.



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