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Admire the Coast, enjoy a romantic drive with the Alanya boat tour. Discover the charm on the mediteranean Sea. Learn the interesting history of Alanya as you drive over the blue mediteranean sea around the Alanya castle which is a peninsula at the same time. The Alanya boat tour is a leisurely ride along the charming coast. Highlight is a swim insight the posphourus cave.

What is awaiting us on this boat tour


Glas clear water, a wonderful colourplay insight the cave. You can jump from the boat, swim directly into the fascinationg cave. Your next stop will be the Cleopatra beach where cleopatra once was swimming. İt is said that Cleopatra once spent here her time with antonius.

How is it

This is kind of swimming in a dreamy place with historical background. Time to make great holiday photos.  This whole day Alanya boat tour  provides an excellent oportunity to see one of the Alanya city’s highlights, history, plus the classic Alanyas experience of riding in a romantic boat. Your experienced local guide will always be with you on the boat. you’ll get an insider’s overview of the famous attraction Alanya Castle, ancient ship yard and the Red tower.

Do you have a Guide on board ?

Ride over the mediteranean sea with a romantic Alanya boat tour as your guide explaines the history of alanya Admire the coast landmarks such as the harbour, the castle, the km long beaches of Alanya. Your next stop will be the Ulas Harbour. Where you will have a delicious meal. Just enoy the meal, have a rest in a fascinating nature.  The boat is navigated by a friendly local captan. Great oportunity to make a holiday Picture together with the captan while he is navigating the boat.

Now its time to get off the coast. You drive will lead you approximatly 3 km to the open sea. You will have a 20 min swim break on the open sea, which is a great experience. Remember the ancient shipyard where we began our boat tour. This dreamy place will be our last swim break. Swimming middle of spectacular historic structures in a wonderful bay.

Alanya boat tour ship yard
Alanya boat tour ship yard

What about Dolphin cruise

Dolphin cruise is a kind of luck. İf you on your lucky day you will see dolphins, turtles and other fishes. But nobody can promise it.

You will be taken up from your Hotel. This is a whole day Tour. İt starts at 8:30 am, ends at 3:30 pm. The Alanya boat tour is including meal.

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