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Welcome To Alanya Tours

About Alanay Tours

For 25 years we have been working in the tourist industry for Alanya Tours. Over the two decades, we have accumulated experience in all areas and have come to realize that a contact person and guide is indispensable on the ground, so in November 2016 we made ourselves independent and offer a variety of different excursions. The excursions can be booked not only on the spot, but also in advance in the İnternet, you can register on our website, All steps for completing the form are described there exactly, of course also for the Booking necessary information and excursions. All travel insurances are included on site. Please do not forget to confirm your email adress in your mailbox after registering. When booking the excursions in alanya, the hotel and the telephone number of a participant is always required. (For local bookings, please provide room number)

Who Is Alanya Tours

Our mission is to provide excellent service and first quality Alanya Tours to cheap prices.

Our philosophi is treat other like you want to be treated.

We promise quality Alanya Tours to cheap prices.

Our credo is safety first. Hi standard equipment and you are insured on all our Tours.

Our Crazy Skills

Alanya Tours 95
Reliable 95
Professional 99
Friendly 98

Meet Our Team

Rafet Kavak
Rafet KavakGeneral Manager
Owner of Alanya Tours Country Tour. Organizer and Developer of Alanya Tours.
Hayati Turan
Hayati TuranWeb Design
Ecommerce, Web design, Social networking.
LuckyCustomer Relation
Responsible for customer relations 🙂

Our Clients

Alanya Tours

Alanya Tours

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Alanya Ausflüge

tel: +905444101017

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