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Alanya Tours

Alanya Tours

We offer quality Alanya Tours to cheap prices

We offer all kind of Alanya Tours to discover the area. These are professionally organized tours for your comfort and safety. We pick you up infront of your Hotel and bring you back. You can make you reservation without payment, just pay at pickup. You can easily make reservation with whatsapp, contact form or email. 

Alanya Jeep Safari

Alanya Jeep Safari Tour 20 €

Alanya Boat Tour 20 €

Alanya Quad Safari

Alanya Quad Safari Tour 30 €

Alanya Paragliding

Alanya Paragliding Tour 60 €

Alanya Buggy safari

Alanya Buggy Safari Tour 35 €

Green Canyon Manavgat

Green Canyon Manavgat Tour 45 €

manavgat bazaar

Manavgat Bazaar Tour 20 €


Alanya Cappadocia Tour 50 €

Alanya Diving

Alanya Diving Tour 45 €


Alanya Pamukkale Tour 45 €

alanya fishing tour

Alanya Phishing Tour 35 €

Demre Myra Kekova

Demre Myra Kekova Tour 40 €

Antalya Aquarium

Antalya Aquarium 55 €

alanya rafting

Alanya Rafting Tour 18 €

Alanya disco boat

Alanya Disco Boat 35 €

Alanya vip tour

Alanya VİP Tour €

alanya aquapark

Alanya Aqua Park Tour 35 €

alanya dolphin show

Alanya Dolphin Show Tour 35 €

alanya city tour

Alanya City Tour 45 €

alanya sapadere canyon

Alanya Sapadere Canyon Tour 30 €

Quality Alanya Tours to your comfort and safety

A famous city

Alanya is a famous city that has a magical turquoise sea and golden-colored sand beaches. A Holiday village like a dream is awaiting you. Besides its natural beauty, it has also a lot of history to offer. You can discover all places easyly with our Alanya tours. Alanya deserves to be among the most preferred places with its beaches and many awards from known tourist companies.

İt has many places to visit and a variaty of activities like water sports, paragliding, mountains, beaches and many more. Also worth seeing is the dim river, the natural caves and exotic villages. With its magnificent geography and natural beauties and with the sunshine smile almost every day. The slogan of Alanya is : the smiling sunshine every day of the year. 

Alanya Castle and Red Tower

The Castle of alanya was built by  the Seljuk Sultan, Alaeddin Keykubat in 1221. This is a historical beauty which hosts you with it magnificent beauty on the mediteranean coast. The Alanya Castle is composed of three parts. İts Walls are 6 km long. At the same time you can see the red tower which is one of the unique examples of Seljuks art. Those who want to visit historical places are advised to see the castle and the beauty of the sea view at the same time.

Alanya Dim Cave

This cave is among the natural beauties of Alanya, surrounded by pine forests and plane trees, which sheds light on prehistoric ages. İt takes place among the most beautiful caves in Turkey to visit.

Alanya Dim River

This natural wonder of river is spilled from the Taurus Mountains. Stopping point for tourists who want to cool off with the coolness that challenges the scorching heat of Alanya. Dim river is a spacious place where you can walk around with its natural beauty and have some fun like swimming, sliding or eating your meal on the river.

Alanya Museum

The museum is located in Damlatas. it is visited by visitors every month of the year. The museum exhibits themes from the islamic period, roman and Byzantine period like stone inscriptions and many more interesting historic items

Alanya Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra beach, the most famous beach in Alanya, is located exactly at the foot of the Castle. You will see the most beautiful sea and sunshine in this peace of earth, with clean waters and wonderful scenery. You can also visit the damlatas cave since the cave is directly near this beach. Also worth seeing the mountains side with a offroad tour.

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